Graham Street Church of Christ

Guidelines for in house worship during Coronavirus Crisis


This information was taken from Texas Values website on April 23rd, 2020

Some modifications were made to comply with both Texas law and the Graham street church of Christ additional rules to help ensure the safety of our members and visitors.

The recommendations for houses of worship provided by the Texas governor's office and attorney general includes:

  1. Encourage attendees who are 65 years old and above      to stay home and watch services online, or provide a "senior service"      exclusively for attendees 65 and above to attend in person (however, staying at home is not a requirement for seniors. They are welcomed to attend services, if they choose).
  1. Ask all attendees who have underlying at-risk health conditions to      stay home and watch services online.
  2. Equip ushers and greeters with protective equipment such as gloves as      masks (this is a requirement at the Graham Street      Church of Christ).
  3. Keep childcare closed unless churches can comply with CDC guidelines      for childcare facilities.
  4. Encourage all attendees to sanitize their hands and      put on masks before entering the building (this is a requirement at the Graham street Church of Christ, attendees      include both members and visitors).
  5. Ensure attendees to sit with their family unit and use social      distancing between each unit, even, if necessary, adding more services      times to facilitate social distancing (This is a requirement at the Graham street church of      Christ).
  6. Have clergy dismiss attendees by family unit, maintaining social      distancing (There is no clergy laity      system at the Graham street church of Christ, therefore, this function      will be performed by the minister or person(s) appointed by the minister).
  7. Have staff sanitize seats and frequently touched surfaces between      services.
  8. Consider refraining from passing collection plates and instead provide      a central collection box in the building or encouraging online giving (this is only due to the crisis).
  9. Consider how the sacraments can be administered without attendees      having to touch the same surfaces and objections.

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