Graham Street Church of Christ

Additional Safety Guidelines for Worship (During COVID 19 Crisis)


(I Corinthians 14:40)

  1. After arriving at the building please enter in by the front door only (do not use side or back doors).

    1. Before entering building, please approach table set up outside of front door and obtain mask and gloves.

    2. There will be N95 masks for the elderly, those suffering from respiratory related diseases, heart related illnesses, recent smokers (these are only for those mentioned above).

    3. If you have symptoms related to COVID 19, please ask for minister or one of the decision making brothers before entering building (do not approach anyone until spoken to).

  1. Since there are very few tests available, the disease is very contagious and there are some who are asymptomatic, everyone should behave if though they are positive for disease (e.g., do not approach and go near someone if you are not wearing mask and gloves and always practice social distancing).

  2. The ushers will assist in seating you (we have a particular seating arrangement).

  1. Only sit where the bandanas are and avoid all other chairs.

  2. After being seated, please remain in seat (no walking around and visiting, a friendly nod or wave will do).

  1. Please keep your children with you at all times, before and after being seated.

  1. Children are not permitted to freely roam (this is for their safety and the safety of others ).

  1. If you have to go to the bathroom, please comply with the following instructions.

  1. Go directly to the bathroom. No talking in the lobby and visiting in halls because it may encourage others to do so.

  2. If more than two people are in the bathroom, please wait until someone leaves and then enter bathroom.

  3. Escort your children at all times. Do not send them to bathroom alone (unless they are teens or children old enough to follow instructions).

  4. While in bathroom, if others are washing hands at sink, please remain at 6 feet distance, wait until they are done, then approach sink.

  1. Maintain 6 feet distancing at all times while in and outside of building (while on church property).

  2. At the end of services and after announcements, people will be directed out in an orderly fashion by rows (similarly to how rows are dismissed after funerals).

  3. The elderly and disabled will sit at the back and be dismissed first, please be patient and stay seated until they exit.

  4. Please go directly to your car and exit parking lot as soon as possible (there are others who also are waiting to be dismissed).


    Note: I know that these rules are a little stringent and may seem like a lot to ask but we want to ensure the safety of our members and visitors. Thanks in advance for understanding. God bless each and everyone of you.


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