Apologetics Press
In the late 1970s, Bert Thompson and Wayne Jackson saw the need to make available scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in apologetics among the churches of Christ.  The idea for Apologetics Press was born.

Christian Courier

Investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues.

Church Zip

World's most useful directory of churches of Christ.

Search 5,628,613 places for nearby churches of Christ.

Download e-Sword Now

The Sword of the Lord with an electronic edge.  e-Sword is a free Bible study software for Windows.  e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly . Prepare great sermons and awesome Bible studies with downloadable bibles and resources/references material.

Fishers of Men Ministry

Specialized training in person-to-person evangelism.  The Fishers of Men Course is a 12 week training course in person-to-person evangelism. There are eleven 2-1/2 hours classes held once a week for eleven consecutive weeks. 

Florida School of Preaching

Preparing Souls To Serve The Lord - Since 1969.

Focus Press

Publishers of Think magazine, dealing with current issues from a distinctly Christian view.

Gospel Broadcast Network

...a satellite network, broadcasting the truth and nothing but the truth, 24 hours a day, seven days a week...

Help For Preachers

Provides articles and sermon outlines by sound gospel preachers.

House to House, Heart to Heart

House to House began is a bi-monthly publication that started in 1994 with the idea of having churches of Christ throughout the world cooperating to seek and save the lost through direct mail. It has a circulation of nearly 3 million.


In Search of the Lord's Way

In Search of the Lord's Way is the television outreach ministry of the Edmond church of Christ in Edmond, OK with audio/video devotionals presented by Mark Lyon.

Memphis School of Preaching

Memphis School of Preaching is the oldest school of preaching east of the Mississippi River. It is an intense two-year collegiate course in preacher education conducted by the Forest Hill church of Christ in  Memphis, TN.

Online Academy of Biblical Studies

A four-year school of preaching conducted on Saturdays totally by computer.  The classes are conducted live. Directed by Tom Bright

Rampart Productions

Rampart Productions

Teaching the word of God delivered to us through the Bible, defending it against attacks and attacking false teachings that go against it.

Seek the Old Paths

A monthly publication of the East End Church of Christ in McMinnville, Tennessee, and is under the oversight of its elders. It is mailed FREE upon request.

The Gospel Journal

The Gospel Journal brings 36 pages of well-written, Scriptural, informative, and edifying material to subscribers each month (432 pages per year) in an attractive format. Also, the bookstore can meet many of your needs for Bibles, lectureships books, commentaries, and many other sound study and reference works.

Truth for the World
"Truth For The World is a global evangelism outreach of the church of Christ using media and personal ministries, overseen by the church of Christ in Duluth, Georgia, U.S.A."


You Can Be Sure

Online Bible correspondence course along with sermons and articles. "UCANBSURE" is a mission of the Far East/World Evangelism supported by churches of Christ. It is overseen by the Coldwater Church of Christ in Coldwater, MS.


An excellent place for study. Many audio and video lessons. Great articles and sermons from many fine brethren. Also links to lecture series. Run by members of the churches of Christ.