Host Congregation Responsibilities

The Bible Bowl is successful because every congregation works together.  Each congregation takes a turn hosting a competition each year.  Here are the items for which the host is responsible:

- Group Devotional
  - This is a short devotional conducted by the young men of the host congregation for the entire group.
  - You will need one to say a prayer,
  - One to lead one song (usually a song that most people know - there are no books)
  - And one to read scripture (a passage or group of passages from the BB text for that month)

- Adult Devotional
  - While the children take their written test, one man from the host congregation gives a short talk. 
  - The talk lasts about 15 minutes (should end as soon as you see children coming back from the test)
  - The topic is your choice - many take their ideas from the current BB text

- Dinner
  -  You are responsible for providing dinner for approximately 200 people
    - Hosts are responsible to bring plates, napkins and cups, as well
     - Most people get pizza and bring home-made or store-bought cookies and sodas
       - Many use Little Caesars (896-6600) or Dominos (890-2602) located close to MTCS
          Little Caesars - 1811 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN
            Dominos - 235 MTCS Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN
       - The 'usual' order is 50 pizzas (usually 18 cheese, 18 pepperoni & 14 sausage)
       - Ask them to have the pizzas ready by 7:00 p.m.
       - Please call and pre-order the pizzas several days before the competition to give them time to have such a large order ready
       - These establishments have been doing this for BB for many years and are usually very accommodating.  Mention to them that you are getting this for BB.
       - Bring a tax-exempt form (if your congregation has one)
       - Payment can be made by credit or church check (they can give the total when you order)
     - Most people bring a variety of 2-liter sodas and cookies, enough for approx. 200 people
     - There is an ice machine at MTCS (in the kitchen) and warming ovens (between the kitchen & serving areas)
     - Have a driver ready with a large car to go pick up the pizzas
     - You will also need many helpers to pass out pizza, serve drinks, clean up, etc.
     -  Host congregation is also responsible for general clean-up of the cafeteria and kitchen areas

All participating congregations are expected to host from time-to-time.  Several larger groups host every year.  Some of the smaller groups combine with other small groups to share in hosting responsibilities.

Please feel free to talk to the current host congregation workers or contact the Steering Committee if you have any questions.