With any competition understanding the rules will help your team.  Bible Bowl rules are simple.  Take a moment to become familiar with them:
  • All test text will come from the NKJV Bible.  Since there are slight variations within the NKJV the version the on web site will be the text used.  Please note, Rutherford County Bible Bowl does not approve or endorse any commetary or other information posted on
  • All school age children are encouraged to participate.  This includes kindergarten - 12th grade level students.
  • No member of a congregation may go into the written testing room with his/her congregation's students.  A monitor from another congregation will be present in the room to time the test, provide clarity on a question and ensure proper behavior.
These rules will ensure a fair playing field for everyone involved.  If you have any questions about these rules please see a member of the Steering Committee.