Mr H.C. Hanor and his wife lived at 545 Scotland St in Dunedin and donated the lot in 1931 where the present building is located. He died on 4/12/1933 and the Dunedin Times Newspaper stated :

   "Through Mr Hanor, the Church of Christ here was organized and by his efforts, the meeting-place  on Wood Street was built. He gave much of his money and time to the furtherance of the  church." 
(published on 4/14/1933)
  The original deed states:
        "...if this lot should ever cease to be used by the church as a place of worship , then the lot shall revert back to the donors or their heirs."

A copy of the original deed is on the Pictures page

 H.C. Hanor has many descendents. Some listed on pictures page

The building did not exist prior to construction in 1931, not 1928 as property appraiser lists

 The church met in the school  building on Louden(now demolished) before the present building

A tent meeting started on May 24, 1926 reported 6/3/1926 in Dunedin Times Newspaper

 Tate Wheeler, sister of  Mrs Jennie Hanor, attended church in Dunedin, lived on Scotland Street