As early as 1926 the Dunedin Times wrote of  a tent meeting of the local Church of Christ and in Jan 1931  church services were held in the Louden Ave Grammar school. On Jan 2, 1931 a revival meeting in Dunedin was held with J.R. Vaughan preaching and W.C.  Phillips as the regular preacher.  On December 22, 1931, land was donated by  Henry C. Hanor and his wife Jennie  for a church building.  Deed restrictions stated "This lot is donated to the Church of Christ at Dunedin for a place of worship, with the following restrictions: That there will never be allowed any musical instruments or Societies of any kind permitted in any building placed on this lot....  If this lot should ever cease to be used by the church as a place of worship, then the lot shall revert back to the donors or their heirs." The deed was filed on December 30, 1931 at the Pinellas County courthouse.    
     By Feb 1932 construction of the present building had begun and by April 1, 1932 the first meeting was held in the new building .  H.C. Hanor died April 12, 1933 at age 70.

Preachers (1927-1957) in Dunedin include: WC Phillips, JM Powell, Thomas M Burton
 Levi Gentry, SP Pitman, RL Andrews, LH Andrews, HC Shoulders,WE Morgan, Cleve Moore, Byron Conley, Mr Stine, JW Andrews,E McMullen,A Summorford,C Kilgore,D Gilliam, G Slatton, W Boyd

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