Kenneth E. Hysten, Evangelist
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Ken Hysten is a minister and evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Originally going to Japan in 1997, for fifteen years (1999-2014) he served as a full-time missionary to the nation of Japan under the auspices of the MacArthur Park Church of Christ located in San Antonio, Texas. He is bilingual in English and Japanese. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts' degrees in Bible and Ministry from Oklahoma Christian University (98).  In May, 2014, Ken and his family returned to the United States from the mission field.  Ken is serving as the evangelist for the Sweeny Church of Christ, in Sweeny, Texas.  He is married to the former Etsuko Kashimura of Mito, Ibaraki Japan.  The couple have four children:  Harmony (16), Pristine (15), Noah (13), and Symphony (10).  Ken aspires to serve our Lord and His Church through the gifts and talents He has been given.  A seasoned veteran of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Ken has a missionary's heart to save the lost, a minister's passion to equip the Lord's Church and a preacher's calling to preach the Word. 

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