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The Apostle Peter said in I Peter 1: 9 (in the New King James Version): "receiving the end of your faith--the salvation of your souls."

Faith is the concept that moves religious folk to behave in certain ways because they choose to obey instruction rather than whim.  Because of this, non-Christians mock acts of faith saying they are giving their lives over to yet another controlling factor. 

Lately, though it has always been the case, many profess that they do as they please and no one else has a say.  They do not answer to anyone.  I see many of these individuals when I do counseling in jails and prisons.  Their philosophy is to do what they want to do no matter who says otherwise or what the consequences.  If everyone lived in this way the result would be chaos. 

Every member of a society, in fact, follows one or another set of external laws or expectations that govern his or her actions.   A person living in the United States must obey the laws of the land or face charges. In other countries, the laws are different, but while there, people must follow those directions.  If one has a job, there are criteria for that environment. Holding a professional license requires even more stringent adherence to sets of rules.  We all have rules. 

If one takes a job and does as directed, the result is being able to continue to work and earn an income. If one passes tests and other requirements for special licensing and adheres to those requirements.  If one becomes a Christian, he or she has the blessing of knowing what his or her Creator wishes and understands that obeying those wishes results in the promise made by the apostle -- the salvation of our souls. 

Tony Stafford of the Miami Church of Christ


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