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Utopia Church of Christ


The following information was written in the Sabinal Canyon at Utopia 150 Years book.
Recorded on page 51 updated by Mary O'Bryant.

       The Utopia Church of Christ was established 93 years ago in the year of 1859. John C. Ware, who was then 20 years of age, and his sister, Mrs. Eliza Fenley were converted and were the first to be baptized in Uvalde County. The group began assembling for study and teaching the New Testament scriptures, in a small building at Waresville as there was no church house.
      About 1881 John Ware gave a lot to the church and the men met and built one room which was used for church on Sundays and as a school during the week. This building was located one and a half miles below Utopia and just east of the present highway.
     During those days there were three modes of transportation: walking, horseback riding, and wagon riding.
     Many times Mrs. Eliza Fenley walked three miles and carried her baby to church when they lived in a little rock house on the ranch now owned by O. J. McCullough. She never missed a Sunday unless confined to her bed by illness.
Most of the members traveled several miles to church and brought all the family in the wagon.