Reaching Rutherford

Reaching Rutherford 2016 announced!

As you know we have been trying to get all of the details ironed out for Reaching Rutherford for a while. The plan was originally to have it in September but there were so many things going on in September that we didn't want it to conflict, and the one weekend that was available, there wasn't an appropriate location available. We have moved Reaching Rutherford to November 18th and 19th. We understand that not every one will be available that weekend but there's just no way we can for sure find a weekend for so many congregations to be free in their schedules. This is the best weekend as it's before Thanksgiving, and shouldn't conflict for the most part with fall retreats as I think most of those happen in October or early November. On your sign-up sheets, we need to know name and shirt size. We encourage you to either have everyone sign up online or to put up a sign-up sheet and then sign every one up online that signed the sheet. You can also contact us with your total final count. The deadline for sign-ups is the end of October, as we will need time to finalize deals with the lunch that's provided as well as the shirt order and the activity locations we'll be going to on that Saturday (details below).

The goal of this event for the first 2 years or so is to focus on a class type setting and teaching our kids the importance of evangelism, with some hands on training in those class settings. Then after the first 2 years, we hope that this becomes a hands on evangelism event. Thank you so much, and we hope that your congregation will be able to participate! The details of the weekend are below:

GROUPS: We will take all of the teens that sign up and put them in groups. These groups will be used for the Mixer games, class rotations, and evening activities (on Saturday). When we go to the different locations for either bowling or lazer tag (This will be assigned by the committee), instead of each youth group doing their own thing, they teens will stick with their groups for the weekend, and be assigned to a church bus. That church bus will be assigned a location. You will be notified if we need your help in the transportation. If you wish to help in that capacity just shoot us an email and let me know

LOCATION: The Agriculture Center. We'll be in the same room they have the Farmer's Market.

COST: We hope to keep this around $25 - $30 per person at the most. This includes a shirt, catered lunch on Saturday, and their part in helping rent the facility. The more we have signed up, the more the cost per person decreases. Once we finalize agreements with the bowling alley and Phazer Kraze then I'll know if that cost will be included in that $25-$30, or if that'll be something they charge there, in which case the Reaching Rutherford fee would decrease.

*Eat dinner before you come
6:00 pm - Welcome
6:10 pm - Singing
6:30 pm - Keynote
7:15 pm - Divide into groups
7:30 pm - Mixer Games (Get to know those in your group)
9:15 pm - Night Singing
10:00 pm - Dismiss for home

*Eat breakfast before you come
9:00 am - Morning devotional
9:45 am - 12:45 pm - Classes
*There will be 3 classes, and each group will rotate to each class during this time
*Class Topics - "How to Get the Conversation Started", "Why is Evangelism Important?", "What If I Get Stumped? Dealing with the Difficult Questions".


2:15 pm - 4:00 pm - Afternoon Classes (These will be talking about the Method. Will be discussing the book "Take Route" written by (Philip Jenkins, the Youth Minister at Mt. Juliet Church of Christ. The book contains 4 lessons you use in studying with someone about becoming a Christian, and it uses the concept of a map.)

4:15 pm - 8:00 pm - Evening Activities. The kids will be assigned a location they are going with the group they've been assigned to for the weekend. The 2 options will be either Phazer Kraze or Bowling. They are responsible for their own dinner during this time. We will have the buses go to fast food near their locations to keep it cheap. The groups that go to bowling alley can eat in the bowling alley if they wish.

8:45 pm - Keynote
10:00 pm - Closing Remarks/Dismiss for homes

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