Bible Class
Sunday, 9:30 am

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  1. Ecclesiastes reminds us that our lives are weak. We are certain to die, and after that, God will be our judge (Ecclesiastes 2:16; Ecclesiastes 12:14).
  2. Ecclesiastes shows how we desire the wrong things in life. We love pleasure and wealth. But these things cannot last, and they cannot really satisfy us (Ecclesiastes 5:10-11). We try to please ourselves and we follow our emotions and desires. We trust in these things, which can never really benefit us (Ecclesiastes 2:10-11). And when we trust in such things, we are not trusting God.
  3. Ecclesiastes teaches how weak human effort really is. A person's work cannot even earn that person a right relationship with God (Ecclesiastes 6:7). Everyone does wrong things against God (Ecclesiastes 7:20).
  4. Ecclesiastes teaches how great God's work is. He created us (Ecclesiastes 12:1), and His work is perfect (Ecclesiastes 7:29). We have a duty to respect Him (Ecclesiastes 5:1-2) and to obey His law (Ecclesiastes 12:13).
  5. Ecclesiastes gives an honest account of the state of this world. It explains how much poor people suffer (Ecclesiastes 4:1-3). It warns that important and powerful people are often wicked (Ecclesiastes 3:16). It shows that rulers are often unfair (Ecclesiastes 10:5-7).
  6. Ecclesiastes explains why good people suffer (Ecclesiastes 8:14). It is a result of the state of the world. The same kind of good and bad events happen in the lives of everyone in this world (Ecclesiastes 9:2). But still, God is looking after his own people, although often we cannot see this (Ecclesiastes 9:1).
  7. Ecclesiastes urges us in the most powerful manner to choose a right relationship with God (Ecclesiastes 12:1). It tells us about the effects of death (Ecclesiastes 12:7). It informs us about God's judgement (Ecclesiastes 12:14) and it describes hell (Ecclesiastes 9:4-6). It warns us that our situation is desperate (Ecclesiastes 11:1-4). The only right decision that we can make about these things is to serve God (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)
9:30 am. - 10:15 pm. in the auditorium
Teacher: Mike Eskew


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