Bible Class
Sunday, 9:30 am

The Christian's commitment to Christ is based on the free gift of grace through faith, but as Paul articulated at the end of Galatians, it also results in a life of walking by the Spirit.


Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in your life, or do you find yourself living according to the flesh or "the compulsions of selfishness" (Galatians 5:16--26)? Too often we lose ourselves at the extremes, ending in a legalistic attempt to earn our salvation or a devil-may-care attitude about our sin.


Use Paul's words in Galatians as an encouragement to pursue a life of holiness, not in your own strength but in the knowledge of God's empowering grace in your life.

9:30 am. - 10:15 pm. in the auditorium
Teacher: Andy Cook


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