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Summer Camp Information

Information and Rules for Summer Bible Camp

What to bring
- A Bible -Be sure to bring your Bible but please make sure your name is in it.
- Sleeping Bag or Blankets, Sheets for a twin bed, and a Pillow.
- Towels - It is a good idea to have your name on these.
- Toiletries - It is necessary for each person to bring everything from toothpaste to soap.
- A Swimsuit and cover up are necessary if you want to go swimming.
- Flashlights are a great idea for night.
- Modest Clothing is a MUST. This means we expect a child's shorts to come to the top of the knee while standing. We will not accept spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, tank tops, and spandex or biker shorts. Anyone not able to meet this policy will be asked to change.
- Rain Jackets/Warm clothing -It may get cool at night. It may rain...
- Extra Shoes - Shoes must be worn at all times.
- Storage for Dirty Clothes - Some place to put all their dirty stinky clothes.
- Suitcase - Chests or Large "Rubbermaid" containers seem to work well for people.

- Christian behavior is expected at all times.
- Guys and not allowed in the girls cabins and girls are not allowed in the guys cabins.
- Adults only in the kitchen except for KP.
- Shoes mus be worn at all times.
- Shorts must come to the knee when standing. No leggings may be worn. Shirts must cover the midriff.
- Do not damage or deface any property.
- Everyone, who is able, must participate in all organized evens.
- No one is allowed out of the cabin after lights out time.
- Do not leave camp without the camp director knowing.
- Pick up any trash you see.
- Report all injuries to an adult.
- Have fun!