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Dear and Respected Elders,Holy Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I have enjoyed your website.The internet is a wonderful place for Christians to learn and grow.Thanks for caring enough to have a website,It is very attractive and Professional.Please pray for us and our ministry,We pray for you all.May God bless your ministries.P.S:I have received your "SPIRIT OF TRUTH" Volume 7 Number 11. Page-8, humble request,if you are willing,Please send me old issue below my mailing address: Your Fellow Worker in His Vineyard,K.THANGARAJ,Evangelist.13,CHURCH COMPOUND,PERIA AGRAHARAM,ERODE-638 005,TAMIL NADU,INDIA.

Name: Stephen D. Rook 


Great to visit you folks Wednesday evening (7.2.08).  Justin and Nicholas esp. commented about how much they enjoyed being there.  Marsha and I appreciate your prayers in behalf of Julie, her husband Mike, and the baby (Henry).  Brent, email me your email address.  Thanks, Steve.

Name: bird dog 


Doing a great job with the new web page Robbie.  Thank you for all of your work.  David, great to see you this past week and hope you and the family have a great summer vacation.

Name: David Esdale 


look forward to visiting soon. hope to access more info on this web site as more info is posted. is the preacher still doing a good job?

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