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In 1878 a frame meeting house was erected on the site of the present building. This structure was built on four and one forth acres of land given by Bill Luther. Most likely, faithful Christians had been assembling on the first day of the week prior to that time. A brick building was erected in 1944 with a wing added in 1958. Our present building was completed in 1972. Its auditorium has a seating capacity of four hundred and fifteen, and it contains twenty-one classrooms. The fellowship building was added later.

Men who preached on a part time basis in the first two buildings included: H. A. Brown, W. T. Boaz, F. O. Howell, E. C. L. Denton, A. G. Freed, E. C. Morgan, A. O. Colley, Claude Hall, A. L. Wilson, Stanley Jones, John B. Hardeman, Fred Chunn, Adron Doran, L. H. Pogue, Bill Yates, and Bob Brooks.

The minister's home was built in 1952 on land donated by H. M. Holloway. In 1970 an additional two rooms and bath were added. Willie Johnson was the first full time minister for the congregation. Succeeding full time ministers were: Charles Sumrall, Aaron Herren, Vergil Joines, Glann Lee, John Forgy, Gene McKnight, James Long, Gerald Baker, Ken Mears, Bruce Tucker, Gary Hill, Chris King, and the present minister, Elliot Hamm.

Former elders of this congregation include: Mose Conner, Jim P. Wilson, Jim Elkins, Marion Moffitt, Edd Golden, Claude Hendley, S. C. Holloway, Jack Boaz, Wade Wilson, Sam Howard, Hollis Sims, R. T. Morris, Rodger Fields, Charlie Jones, & Wayne Wadlington. Present elders are: Jackie Bruce, Denny Foy, Dale Jones, & Randall Miller.

The previous deacons were Jerry Hale, Rollie Lawson, R. S. Reaves, James Jones, Bobby Vincent, Paul Russell, Tommy Holloway, Aaron Burns, & Ben Doran. Present deacons are: Bob Anderson, Tim Jones, Jerry Miller, Rustin Miller, Ricky Shupe, & Tim Williams. 


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