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To all the readers:

It's been a long journey since this Church was started, but the main trouble we have faced seems to be permanent as from January when we thought it wise to take up some Christians whose homes were burnt down following the disputed presidential election which left millions homeless and over 1,500 dead.

When all these began however, we received the help from various Churches abroad and within and this made us not send the names of these people to the government offices, after all there were no movements and we thought this would end just immediately, alas, we thought it wrong! We know in the minds of others the question remains, why are you keeping the IDPs? To stress the fact, these are not the IDPs. If they were the IDPs as known to the government we could have taken them to suffer in the camps. the bible tells us that "The religion which is holy and free from evil in the eyes of our God and Father is this: to take care of children who have no fathers and of widows who are in trouble, and to keep oneself untouched by the world".

We all know that in some countries like in Europe and the America, the orphans are taken care of by the welfare state, but here in Kenya, its not that way, so all of our effort is to support our orphans and widows hence faced the distress of seeking for financial support to enable us buy food, clean water, and all human basic needs for them.

As impossible as it appears in the natural, we have taken on this task by faith in order to fulfill the words of Jesus Christ:

“For I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and you took me in; naked, and you clothed me; ... For as much as you have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it to me.” (Matthew 25:35-40).

The full story:

It all began on 3oth December 2007 at around midday when the ECK refused to announce the election results. 31st, Nairobi was a no going zone as the war between police and the citizens were profoundly in action. Its at this time that one of the elders got a phone call from one evangelist in Kibera slums asking if they can come and camp at our Church compound, by then we had a building. Instead of denying them their rights as Christians, we welcomed them and the little funds we had went to budget for their needs. Thankfully, other brethren began to give help.

In the initial stage we didn't know that they'll stay here for long as refugees and we didnt know that the war will turn away from political sphere to tribalism. Tribalism is a real threat in Kenya as each tribe wants their man to be the head of state. This wasnt going on with us as well, but our efforts to help these people were well motivated when the Christians responded positively, and as a result we thought it wise to keep them as long as the funds were available. Now the question of why we didnt register them should be out of questions because the country was hot, there were no movement and the Church itself was able to provide some help through the help from others abroad, so why on earth could we send them to suffer in the hand of our government and in the camps. Ironically, the agencies like Red cross, and other humanitarian Organization that link directly to the government has by this time asked those who ran to them for help to return to their home and have closed the camps, now reason with me; if your home was burnt, your immediate neighbor killed your child, husband or any member of your family, will you be so safe to return there?????

But the root problem is not who farms what land. The problem is poverty. If we had more opportunities for earning cash income, there would not be such pressure for farmland. If we were not so desperately poor, senseless government fighting would not escalate family struggles for life security and prosperity into ethnic war, resulting in the poor of one tribe fighting the poor of another tribe.

At the moment we are real faced with the hardship of taking care of the Orphans and the widows.These children cannot trace their homeland hence relatives. Sometimes we wonder why we got involved but in the end of the day we have faith that what we are doing we are doing it to Jesus. The pressure of sending them back has ended and the fact is that we must get used to taking care of them. We have got a land that we must build and keep them in the houses. Building in Kenya is not expensive and we therefore ask you to give us a hand to enable the Church build them houses. Food is also a challenge we very much hope that soon you'll be able to help a child. Just sponsor one or two kids for us. We'll be sending you reports on his or her life until he is able to go and fend for him or herself.

Visiting us:

We ask you to make a trip to visit with us here in Rongai. This will give you a greater insight of what we have been doing so far, the challenges of tribalism and scums in the internet may discourage us but we hope if you plan a trip to Rongai,you'll greatly understand all these.

You are welcome anytime.

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