Gospel Broadcasting Network
"Gospel Broadcasting Network is a non-profit organization that provides Bible-based and unbiased resources from the Word of God seven days a week, 365 days a year to teach and share with believers and potential believers.

"Where Are We?
GBN is located in Olive Branch, Mississippi at 8900 Germantown Road and are under the oversight of the elders of Southaven Church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi. The eldership includes Gary Barch, Larry Everson, and David Rister.

"What Do We Do?
Since 2005, we've provided ongoing resources to share the truth of the Gospel 24 hours a day, Sunday through Saturday. We offer free radio, live stream videos, Bible correspondence courses, audio podcasts and daily devotional resources to all viewers." Gospel Broadcasting Network - About Us

World Video Bible School
"The WVBS Online Bible School is designed to provide students with an online, comprehensive, in-depth study of the Bible. The lessons are pure non-denominational teaching based on an accurate "drawing out" of what the Bible teaches, not reading into the text what someone might think it teaches. The courses cover every book in the Bible, plus four additional subjects which help you in your understanding of the scriptures (Christian Evidences, Hermeneutics, Greek and How We Got the Bible). The school is designed for anyone who wants a focused, organized and thorough study of the Bible." World Video Bible School - About Us

Apologetics Press
"For more than 40 years Apologetics Press has published and disseminated materials for self-study, group study, or evangelistic purposes. Topics range from evidences supporting the Christian faith to highly controversial areas that challenge the faith." - from About Apologetics Press - "What We Produce"

Polishing the Pulpit
"PTP is an annual event associated with churches of Christ. It is held each summer in Branson, Missouri and each fall in the Smokey Mountains. It is attended by over 5,000 people from all over the US and many nations. Its focus is on worshipping God, edifying His children, and educating/training His workers. It is an opportunity for continuing education for preachers and others." From Polishing the Pulpit - About Us

Texas School of Preaching Men's Development Confe
The Bryan College Station church of Christ and the Texas School of Preaching offer an annual Men's Development Conference, Ladies' Classes, and a Gospel Meeting. Please see their website for details.

Brown Trail School of Preaching
"Our mission is to make the first century Gospel message live in the hearts, minds, and lives of twenty-first century preachers." - Brown Trail School - About Us

Southwest School of Bible Studies
"The idea for a school of biblical studies in Austin, Texas belongs to Norman Starling. Norman approached the elders at the Southwest Church of Christ with the idea and in 1978 the school began training men to preach. What began as a one-year school became a two-year school operating eleven months out of each year. We are tuition-free. We take students through a study of every book in the Bible and related courses. If you are passionate about improving your knowledge of God's word let's talk." Southwest School of Bible Studies - About Us

Donnie Barnes Bible Charts
"BIBLECHARTS.ORG is a web site containing Bible Charts for preaching and teaching, church bulletin charts, sermons, Bible Study materials, and a variety of Church-related materials designed for God's glory and for the teaching of truth.  Surveys of Bible Books, Bible History, Bible Chronology as well materials regarding the life and work of the apostle Paul are presented in great volume." - Home Page

Memphis School of Preaching
"Hi! We hope you'll join us to study our God and His Word. Here's what you'll find if you You'll find a knowledgeable faculty. Our faculty has over 400 years of combined experience in preaching, teaching, and local work. And they're here to give that knowledge to you. You'll find great opportunities. Besides the dozens of congregations near MSOP, you'll establish connections with men of God from around the nation and world. You'll find sound doctrine. We're all about preaching the Word, and we're all about preaching it correctly. You'll be taught the Bible. Plain and simple. You'll find a loving atmosphere. There is no better way to live than being surrounded by the people of God. That's what you will find at MSOP."  Memphis School of Preaching - Prospetive Students/About Our School