The Church of Christ in Spicewood was meeting around the turn of the century in the old Lewis schoolhouse, which was located on the property of Tom Lewis near the Colorado River.

On April 14, 1915, Lots. No. 34-38 and a portion of Lot No. 39 were purchased from George M. Watkins, W. W. Watkins, and John J. Faubian -- composing the firm "Watkins and Faubion" of the "village of Spicewood" -- for the purpose of building a tabernacle and church house.

The tabernacle was built first. Worship services were held in the Spicewood Schoolhouse in the winter but were moved to the tabernacle when the weather grew warmer. With the encouragement and inspiration of W. E. (Ed) Fry, who was teaching school at Spicewood and was the first local preacher, an adequate building was erected in 1916 under the leadership of Dr. M. L. Jackson and Jim Singleton, the first elders.

Otto and Paul Franck, two local carpenters, were hired to supervise construction of the frame building. All other labor was donated from neighbors and members.

In the early 1920s, Ernest Boultinghouse, Ealey Phillips, and Arthur Lewis were selected to serve as elders. These faithful men served in this capacity until their death, with the exception of Boultinghouse, who later moved to Kerrville. Paul Singleton and Logan Hammons were appointed to work with Phillips and Lewis after the death of Dr. Jackson. Later, G. W. Wood and H. T. Wall served as elders; J. Malcolm Jackson, James Burton, and Jewel Lewis were appointed deacons.

Throughout the early history of the church, a ten-day meeting was held under the tabernacle during moonlight nights in the summer, with dinner on the grounds on Sunday. Baptismal services were held in nearby Cypress Creek beneath stately Cypress trees, and many old-timers camped on the grounds for the length of the meetings.

In recent years, remodeling and other improvements have been made on the church building, though it still has the original bell. The tabernacle is now used primarily for the annual Spicewood Homecoming.

As noted above, Brother Ed Fry was the first local preacher, and G. H. P. Showalter held the first gospel meeting at the new location. Others who have preached here included James A. Childress, M.O. Daily, A. F. Thurman, W. D. Black, Horace Busby, Jack McCarty, Silas Howell, L. V. Nobles, Raymond DeSpain, Jess Hall, Martin Crass, O. L. Rettmann, and Holton George. Brother George filled this position for nearly 3 decades, until the early 2000s. Since his retirement, Jesse Agnew, Daniel Lockwood, and, since 2009, Bryant Perkins have served in succession.


(Abridged and updated from an article originally published in "Burnet County History Vol. I, 1847-1979." Compiled in this form in conjunction with the Spicewood Church of Christ 100th Anniversary Celebration, July 12, 2015.)