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What To Expect

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Visitors Guild:
When you walk in the doors, and likely before, you are welcomed with a hand outstretched and a smile! We aim to make you feel at home. Visiting a Church can be intimidating, but we will do all we can to make you feel comfortable.
When it comes to dress-code, there isn't one. You will find people in anything from suits and ties to T-shirt and blue jeans. What we wear to worship is not as crucial as our mindset during it.

When you come for worship, you will find scripture-based simplicity. We strive to do everything by New Testament standards and examples. We gather every Sunday (Acts 20:7) to worship God by...
  • Singing: We sing songs without the use of mechanical instruments to worship God as exemplified   by Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16. As a visitor you are welcome to sing along or just listen.
  • Praying: The men of the congregation will lead us in prayer, where our thanksgiving is stated,   praise is given to God, we pray for others well being, for Gods will to be done, for   forgiveness, and it is said in Jesus name (Matthew 6:5-13; 1 Timothy 2:1-8).
  • Taking Communion: This is a time where we remember the death of Christ by eating unleavened flatbread and drinking grape juice (Acts 20:7; Luke 22:14-23). During this time we sit quietly remembering the love of God and the sacrifice made for us.
  • Giving: Members will give voluntarily contribute weekly to the Church to continue its work (1 Corinthians  16:2). We do not expect visitors to contribute to the offering.
  • Preaching: We will hear a sermon (Acts 2:42; Nehemiah 8:8) that will last around 25 minutes. We will look at either a Bible passage or topic related to Christian living and application will be made to us all for personal betterment.

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