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Having a devotionals in your home with your children will have an eternal reward!  This page contains some devotional ideas to get you started.  If you want to be notified when new devotions are added subscribe using the link below.

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Summer 2012 New Testament Basics - Devos

Devo 1 - Who wants to be noble?
The Bible is a book that God wants us to understand. There are no hidden mysteries or deep secrets. God gave us the ability to read it, obey it and become His Christian people. So why is it that people don't understand what the Bible says? More>>

Devo 2 - The Best Teacher
Who is the best Bible teacher you have ever had? You may be thinking of a teacher at church that had a fun class. Or you may like the preacher or youth minister. Actually the most effective Bible teacher you can have is in your own family. More>>

Devo 3 - Are you mocking me?
Have you ever has someone mock you? Everything you do, they do. Everything you say, they say. After a short time you just want them to stop. Did you know that when someone imitates you (that means to watch you and so the same things) it is because they want to be like you? More>>

Devo 4 - Checking the Mail
Have you ever gotten a letter or card in the mail? It is exciting when you get one because you want to know who it is from and what is in it. Maybe you around your birthday you get cards and sometimes they may even have money in them. More>>

Devo 5 - Tomorrow is another day
Do you know what is going to happen tomorrow? Maybe you have plans and are excited about what you will be doing. Sometimes when we know fun things are coming we might have a hard time falling asleep the night before. More>>

New Testament Facts

How many books?
Objective: To learn there are 27 books in the New Testament. Rhyme
Sometimes rhymes help us remember things. Let's learn a simple rhyme about the number of books in the Old and New Testament. More>>

Bible-Man - New Testament Basics

Bible-Man Instructions
HOW TO STUDY THE NEW TESTAMENT USING THE BIBLE-MAN PROGRAM: This is a fun & simple way to give children an overview of the New Testament.
Each lesson contains a few basic facts or pieces of information from one book of the NT. More>>


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Find out about Righteousness From God
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1 Corinthians

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2 Corinthians

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Please come back soon to learn more about Galatians.

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Bible-Man - New Testament - Digging Deeper

Matthew-Ways to Live Well with Others
WAYS TO LIVE WELL WITH OTHERS (from the book of Matthew):

Matthew tells us of sermons that Jesus used to teach people how to live well with others and to be what God wants us to be. These are some of the highlights of what Jesus said. More>>

Mark - About the Author
FIRST, lets ask WHY do we even need to learn about the Author if the Bible is actually inspired by the Holy Spirit? - Writers of the Bible were inspired to write the truth, but it is still theirs. More>>

Luke - the Parables of Jesus
Jesus taught using Parables. This is a summary of the Parables found in the Gospels, sorted by some of the lessons we can learn. Read the scriptures listed to hear the lessons Jesus taught. More>>

John - the Miracles of Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus John wrote in chapter 20, verse 31: "But these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name. More>>

Acts - Are You a Part of the Church?

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Acts - Bible Instructions

Read about some Bible Examples of Becoming a Christian Need Help with any of this? Click Here
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Acts - Bible Examples
Need Help or Want to Meet Live Christian Examples? Click Here Return to Are You a Part of the Church More>>

Acts - You Need Help
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Romans - How Does Righteousness From God Work?
Romans 1:16-17 says that the Gospel, or the Good News about Jesus, as seen in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and acted on by many people in the book of Acts, the Gospel is the Power of God for Salvation! More>>

1 Corinthians - What is Christian Character?
800x600 What is Christian Character? Character is Who We Are! Christian Character is the basic characteristics that all Christians should have as they work, play, go to school, or anything they do in the world. More>>

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Read, discuss and truly explore the devotion and scriptures.  Expand on thoughts and make the lessons meaningful to you and your family.  Each devotional is short so you can add your thoughts and ask the children for theirs.  Make this a special time for your family to stop, sit and discuss the Bible.