Union Grove Church of CHRIST 

What Better Thing to do than to Study The Bible!
If you have a Bible question, we are ready to give a Bible, book, chapter and verse answer? Put your question on our 'Contact us', then 'Leave a Message' page; or contact us at ugchurchofchrist@gmail.com

Come learn GOD's word with us, as we study The Bible.
Sunday May 24, 2020 at 11:00 am and 2:00pm


Lee Cox, Minister
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Lee is a graduate of the Tri-Cities School of Preaching More >>

James W. Gee, Elder
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Eugene McCracken, Elder
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Jim Randolph, Deacon
Jim is the Deacon over Benevolence More >>

Scott Moore, Deacon
Scott Moore has been a deacon at Union Grove since 2013. His responsibilities include building and grounds upkeep and website. Additional duties include assistant treasurer and order of worship. More >>

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