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Lackland Terrace Church of Christ




This congregation is recognized throughout the brotherhood as a spiritual, scriptural, warm, caring, loving congregationA church where one, through its Bible study and worship, can see Christ more clearly, love Him more deeply and desire to serve Him more earnestly.

Five Christian Families residing in the area established the Lackland Terrace Congregation on September 24, 1961.  These families met for Bible study and worship in a home at 7423 Westfield Drive.

By October 15, 1961, the church had acquired a building at 108 Pilar Drive.  In May 1963, a moveable type auditorium and classroom was built at the Pilar Drive location.  This temporary building was used until May 1965, when a government surplus building was purchased and moved to the present location.

In September 1968, the decision was made to construct a permanent building.  In 1970, our present auditorium was added.  Further expansions were made in 1973 on the auditorium, classrooms and annex.  In the fall of 1974, construction began on a large classroom wing added to the original classroom area.

The congregation became self-supporting and grew from a membership of five families in 1961 to a membership of over 500.  Our current membership is about 92 souls.  As we work toward growing numerically, our most fervent prayer is that we continue to grow spiritually.