Hardin County Church of Christ


Bible Class
Wednesday, 7:00 PM

          Bible class is a wonderful time to dive deeper into God's word. This class is not a substitution for your personal daily study; however, it is a great time to study with each other. This Bible class is designed to be a classroom discussion type class. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to gain a deeper insight into God's inspired word.  

What to Expect:
        We start every class, no matter when it is, with an opening prayer. At this time we thank God for his grace and allowing us the opportunity to study from His word. After opening prayer, we move into the materials we are currently studying. The class itself is set up to be a discussion oriented class; this allows those participating to ask questions and get input from others in the class. After about 45 minutes of discussion we will have a closing prayer; this ends our class for the night. We also will conduct an 10-15 minute devotional and offer an invitation for anyone needing to obey the Gospel or in need of prayer. This class is also on Zoom. Please call the building for more details and the passcode for Zoom.