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Articles by Steve Rogers

INTRODUCTION The religion of Islam was founded some fifteen hundred years ago by a man named Muhammad. He was born in 570 in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This man was a warrior before he claimed to be a prophet. More>>

The Parable of the Sower
INTRODUCTION As Jesus went about teaching, the scribes and Pharisees, after being rebuked by Jesus, hypocritically called him Teacher and asked to see a sign from him(Matthew 12:38). What is easy for some to overlook here is the fact that they had witnessed miracle after miracle and on that very day they had witnessed three miracles. More>>

The Authorship of Hebrews
THE AUTHORSHIP OF HEBREWS The writer of the book of Hebrews does not identify himself within the pages of the book. There has been much controversy through the years as to who the actual author might have been. More>>

Christianity and Humanism
INTRODUCTION In our society today we are faced with a challenge to our very core in the values and rules we place on our lives. There are forces in our world that constantly challenge our belief system that we must meet daily. More>>

My Theology of Preaching
INTRODUCTION It is my intention to define my theology of preaching in this reflection paper. I must ask the question of what preaching is and /or what it should be. I will attempt to show what biblical preaching is and what makes it biblical. More>>

The Life and Work of a Minister
INTRODUCTION As I was looking at the option of writing about a great preacher of the church in the United States or about some preacher from my own personal past that had influenced me to be an effective minister I kept coming back to the same answer. More>>

N.B. Hardeman
INTRODUCTION I would like to begin by saying there was little doubt in my mind as to who I would write this paper on from the beginning. I cannot think of a preacher, past or present, who has had the impact not only on the church but on the world around us as much as Nicholas Brodie Hardeman did during his entire lifetime. More>>

Bible Literary Criticism:Higher Criticism
INTRODUCTION I believe that Higher Criticism was necessary to determine the authenticity of the books that we look to that make up the Bible. The problem lies in that there have been those throughout history whose goal was and is to discredit the authenticity of the scriptures. More>>

The Tabernacle
Introduction When Moses went up on the mountain to meet with God, one only has to wonder what was going through his mind. For over 2500 years, God had dealt with man through the patriarchs of the families. More>>

The Silence of the Scriptures
INTRODUCTION Throughout the religious world today and even within the brotherhood of the church, there is an ever increasing notion that the silence of the scriptures endorse or deny certain acts of worship and basic Christian principles. More>>

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