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                                                                OUR JOURNEY
                                                           We are on a journey of faith. God has called us to be part of His plan and purpose, and to discover His character through His marvelous word. It will awaken us to the real meaning of life.                                                                                    

The journey was set by our Savior Jesus Christ and secured by the Holy Spirit. The Journey is dangerous and full of trials, but it is  
wonderful, life-changing, and we must not miss the glory of the journey through life into eternity with God. It is day to day, yet eternal.                                                                                                          
Everyone is invited to be part of this glorious journey. All you need is a willing heart. We encourage you to join us on this amazing and fulfilling quest. You will never be alone! Join us in reaching out to those who are Seeking God in a Godless Culture by bringing Jesus Christ to a searching Culture. Make living for Jesus the joy of your life!

God Bless You!