Lebanon church of Christ

Freedom is not cheap. In fact, most of the time, it is paid in blood. I hope you had the opportunity this past weekend to reflect on the freedom we have in this country. A very high price has been paid for our freedom, and I hope we all salute those who have paid the price. I am so proud of our country’s freedom, but I want to tell you about an even greater freedom which we have in Jesus. Jesus has paid the price to set us free from sin (some choose to accept His gracious invitation and some choose to reject it) (Revelation 1:5). When we choose to be obedient to Jesus and to be free from sin we are also freed from the condemnation (being judged guilty) that comes with our sin (Romans 5:18; 8:1-5). Because of that, we can be released from our fear of our physical death. Jesus has freed us from that and given us eternal life in Him (Romans 6:23). As I said earlier, freedom is not cheap. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our freedom in dying on the cross (1 Peter 3:18). Come, let us share with you the love of Christ.


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