Lebanon church of Christ
Seeing God

My family loves fresh vegetables right out of the garden. The garden is in full swing with tomatoes, lettuce, squash, and so on. It is amazing that we can plant a seed in dirt and with the addition of sun and water, plants grow and produce food (Matthew 5:45; Acts 14:17). When the seeds grow into plants and reproduce, we see design. Cut into a squash or a tomato and look at the design in vegetables. We see design in our bodies as our minds and bodies work in harmony to create the garden. Because there is design in nature, there must be a designer (Psalm 19:1-2; Romans 1:18-20). What if I were to tell you that the house that I live in was put together by a tornado? The tornado blew through and placed all the lumber, bricks, plumbing, landscaping, etc. in the exact place it needed to be.  You might try to commit me to a mental institution because chaos (the tornado) does not create design (the home). Yet people today are trying to teach this fact, saying life began randomly and accidently with no God. You are not a random accident. God created you; why not worship Him?


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