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As the 31st of May draws near, the elders at the Lebanon church of Christ are looking forward to coming with you to worship God. We want our members to know we are working hard to make a safe environment for our church services.

If you feel uncomfortable or concerned about worshipping with others, then we encourage you to stay at home and worship with us online. Our services will be on Facebook and YouTube.

Our in-house worship service will meet at 10:30 a.m. starting on Sunday, May 31, for one service. There will be no Bible class. We will not have a service in the building on Sunday night. These service will be online.

As of June 17th we will start having one Bible Study for all ages in the auditorium on Wednesday nights.

Our services will not be the same as before the virus. We will have guidelines in place and encourage you to follow them. This will help to ensure the safety of each person.

Listed below are the procedures that will be in place starting Sunday, May 31st until we resume normal services:

1. Please observe all social distancing practices at all times (maintain 6' distancing).

2. We will have the front doors propped open with people outside. They will have sanitizers if you need them.

3. Every other pew will be available for seating. Please sit your family with you and remember to keep a safe distance between groups.

4. We will have tables inside with the Lord's Supper communion kits. Please take what you need for your family. After observing the Lord's Supper, men with trash containers will collect the used communion kits.

5. There will be containers inside the foyer in which to place your contribution. You may put your contribution in upon coming in or leaving on your way out.

6. All water fountains will be closed.

7. The bathrooms will be available only for emergencies.

8. We highly recommend wearing a mask. Please bring your own if you have one.

9. If we have an overflow of attendance, the classrooms on the side will be utilized. Classrooms and offices will be closed unless needed for overflow.

10. Per social distancing guidelines, no handshaking or hugging.

11. There will be no paper handouts available for the sermon. If you would like one, please print it out and bring it with you.

12. If you are sick, think you are sick, or have recently been exposed to COVID-19, please stay at home.

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