The church at East Point was established in 1911, following the West End church (1906) and the Moreland Ave. church (1909), which first met on South Pryor St. Some members who attended West End lived in East Point and they asked West End to hold a tent meeting in East Point. The meeting lasted five weeks with no visible response to the preaching. Then on the fifteenth night of the meeting a frail, sick woman came forward and requested prayer for the restoration of her health. Her request was honored. This proved to be the turning point of the meeting. A new atmosphere prevailed and three weeks later the meeting concluded with approximately one hundred fifty additions. About one hundred of these were baptisms. Numerically, at least, the East Point church was "self-sustaining" from its beginning.
Among those who have served as elders are: J.F. Bell, J.M. Lee, Charlie Hampton, Pryde Hinton, E.C. Lowry, C.L. Clark, William B. McGuire, Roy H. Welch, Pascal S. Hicks, Herbert Brown, Carl Mitchell, Warren  Shaw, Gene Cummings, and G. Wyatt Shaw
Preachers who have worked with the church include: S.H. Hall, Flaval Hall, Hugh Garrett, J.A. Klingman, Morgan Carter, W.C. Graves, R.R. Brooks, Eugene Pitts, Charles Tidwell, Andy T. Ritchie, Aruna Clark, Pryde E. Hinton, W.C. Neal, Lee Rawlings, John T. Smithson, Jr., H.A. Fincher, Jr., Van B. Ingram, Roger MacKenzie, R.W. Bob Gray, Dwaine Powell, and  Jere Arno.
Our current minister is Eric C. Whelchel, and elders are Jimmy Robinson, and Louis Robinson.

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