In Spirit.....And In Truth
Williamston Church of Christ

5 things we need to do with the word of God

  1. We need to listen to the word. Romans 10:17 says that our faith comes from hearing the word.
  2.  We need to read the word.Revelation 1:3 indicates that we are blessed when we read aloud the word.
  3.  We need to study the word.2 Timonthy 2:15 challenges us to learn how to rightly divide the word through study.
  4. We need to memorize the word.Psalm 119:11 talks about hiding the word in our hearts.
  5.  We need to meditate on thw word.Joshua was encouraged to meditate day and night on God's word (Joshua 1:8).
  6.                                                                                       Author unknown



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