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Williamston Church of Christ

The Simplicity of the gospel

   Once while Racoon John Smith was speaking on the plainness and simplicity of the gospel, in contrast with the abstruse systems of men, a note was passed up to him from someone in the audience containing this question:.. "If the gospel is so very plain, as you say it is , why do you have to labor so hard to get the people to understand it?"
    To which Smith replied: i have often prepared ground in the wilderness for a turnip patch, and though i had the kindliest soil, the best seed and the sowing was easy, i never got tops or root till i first took my ax and hoe and briar knife and went in and wacked and grubbed and cleared away the ground.
      The Lord knows i do not esteem it hard to preach the simple gospel of Christ to thoed who are prepared to recieve it, but it is labor indeed, to root out prejudice, and cut down systems and clean away the sectarian trash that cumbers the minds and hearts of the people.
                                                             (Life of Elder John Smith)


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