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Lloyd Mansfield, Pulpit Minister
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Lloyd and Gail Mansfield


Lloyd and Gail (Vick) Mansfield met at York College, Nebraska, and married two years later while in college in Abilene, Texas. They have two children, Mark, who resides in Austin, TX, and Marci, who lives with them.


Lloyd started his education at York College (A.A.), went on to receive a BA in Bible from Abilene Christian College and an M.A. in Counseling from the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies, Charleston, WV.


Gail received an A.A. from York and three years specialized training in Military Child Care Management.  Her work with military children includes annual reviews and training of her staff and as well as top quality child care and teaching.


The Mansfield's have served congregations in Helena and Grandfield, OK, South Charleston, WV, and Roanoke, VA.  


In 1978, the Mansfield's moved to England, where they established congregations in the London suburbs of Wallington and Bermondsey.  In 1981, the family moved to Cambridge.  They began a new congregation, with help from nearby US military brethren.  They developed new members, trained the Christians to take over the work, and continue being the Lord's Church.


From England they moved to Frankfurt, Germany, to serve a U.S. Military congregation from 1991-1993, after which they returned to the U.S., to serve congregations in Texas ( San Antonio and New Braunfels).


Lloyd, Gail and Marci moved to Muscatine, IA, from November 1999-2012.


Gail worked for the Rock Island Arsenal, in Military Child Care. She retired in 2012.  Lloyd, besides ministering to the local congregation, was the Muscatine County Jail Chaplain for 8 years.


Lloyd worked with the three funeral homes, providing assistance to families who have no church affiliation.


In November, 2012, the Mansfield's returned to Floresville, Texas, where Lloyd accepted the work as the preaching minister.  We enjoy being in the South, again, and plan to stay.


The Mansfield's concern continues to be the downward spiral in the US culture.  Many churches are changing their emphasis "away from the Word." As a result, our world is looking for something and someone to believe in.


John Clayton studies for the existence of God.
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