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We'd like to know what you think about our web site. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors.

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Name: Ron Alfrey 
E-Mail: ronalfrey2000@yahoo.co.uk 


i really appreciate a call from you guys i knew bro vurell and sister june they bought me to a knowledge of God  please continue the good work i will look forward to another communication

Name: Ron Alfrey 
E-Mail: ronalfrey2000@yahoo.co.uk 


Hi i am very surprised to have an opportunity to say hello as it was my great pleasure to know bro Vurel Vick and June his lovelly wife I know bro Vurell passed on last year ,how is sister vick they were both instrumental in bringing me to a better way via the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and i am eternally greatful to those who funded there mission here in the uk ,i would love to know how the work in the us, is going ,it was my marriage of 40 years ended abruptly ,that challenged me some what and i left the Lords Church because I met a widow some three months later and now we live together i know what the Bible teaches on such matters so i worship with a evangelical group .,knowing how the local congregation of COC  would view such a departure from the truth ,well there is my story i rest on Gods mercy like David before me my sin is ever before me .God Bles you guys

Name: keijo 
E-Mail: k.leppioja@hotmail.com 


Hello  injoy ful thanksgiving fo rhealing from worry and after ward  attack of ou renemese  hurts and peace wil be given to us again today and  good hope with pleasure of heavenly  the songs again ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: ron alfrey 
E-Mail: ronalfrey2000@yahoo.co.uk 


well presented and ful of information

Name: ch.solomon 
E-Mail: solomon_coc@yahoo.com 


Dear beloved brothers & sisters in Christ,
       Greetings to you in the precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
             I would like to share a few words about My self and the lords work . My name is CHILAKA SOLOMON aged 37 years old,My wife name is NAGARANI,aged 29 years old and we got 3 children.I am doing the among the poor and tribal people at HYDERABAD CITY and MEDAK -District areas and some are districts in ANDRA PRADESH in INDIA.I am working since 1999.          
                 I have graduated 2 years Biblical course year of 1999.Since from that time i have been working for the lords in several places and established congregation's in many places in above districts.I converted and trained some preachers and started working and Encouraging them in the lord's service.My wife is also helping me in the work by teaching the Ladies and Children.
           I am request to you please pray for us and help with us what you can to continue the lords work and to reach as many souls as we can to wish precious souls for Christ.
   Please give me your assist and valuable prayers and co-operation to us.I hope on your valuable prayers and few words hear.Please send me some tracts.we need your prayers to do good work to win the lost souls.Plz keep our brothers in ur prayers and encourage us in the ministry.
           we need assistance for the work in  India ,who are working with us.we also troubling to maintain our families in the work.We hope on our God to bless us for His mighty work.I hope on ur kind concern.
           plz treat me one of your brother in Christ and your child.If I do anything for the glory of our God,the credit must go to your account,because you strength me with your love to do the work for our lord.

Thanking you,
  Your brother in Christ,

  CH.SOLOMON, [ Evangelist ]
  INDIA.  PIN:- 500 055
e-mail:- solomon_coc@yahoo.com


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