God created a brilliant piece of artwork, the church. As Christian we are His workmanship and represent Him as we travel through this life. Each of us are a brushstroke in His grand design and as individuals blended together we are His church. Each of us should continually ask if we are the brightest, most brilliant, brushstroke we can possibly be. Only by challenging ourselves can we continue to grow as a servant of God and as a church focused on serving Him.

The lessons on this site will help us focus on how we think, what we do and the attitude we have. Being the best brushstroke possible will require a mental decision, goal based action and a pure heart. Together we can grow a stronger church one member at a time.

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Growing Closer to God with James

Have you ever thought, "I feel so far from God right now?" If so, you are not alone! Our latest series of lessons provides some insight from the book of James that just may help you find your way closer to God. These lessons are designed for a discussed based classroom setting where everyone feels they can be open and honest about the challenges we all face. They are also a work in progress as we are in an active class right now discussing them. Join us the Walter Hill church of Christ in Murfreesboro, TN on Wednesdays at 7:00pm! Of course you are welcome to use them as a private study as well. God's Speed to you as you chart a course that will bring you closer to Him.

 Introduction  Growing Closer to God with James
 James 4:7-8
 Lesson 1
 Growing Closer to God through Trials  James 1:2-8 & 1:12-18
 Lesson 2  Growing Closer to God Through Labor  James 1:19-27
 Lesson 3  Growing Closer to God Through Being a Friend  James 2:1-13
 Lesson 4  Growing Closer to God Through an Active Faith  James 2:14-25
 Lesson 5  Growing Closer to God Through Watching Your mouth  James 3:1-12
 Lesson 6  Growing Closer to God Through Humility  James 3:13-18 & 4:1-10
 Lesson 7  Growing Closer to God Through Minding Your Business  James 4:11-17
 Lesson 8  Growing Closer to God Through Focusing on Spiritual Matters  James 5:1-6
 Lesson 9  Growing Closer to God Through Patience
 James 5:7-12
 Lesson 10
 Growing Closer to God Through Active Prayer  James 5:13-18
 Lesson 11
 Growing Closer to God Through Repentance
 James 5:19-20

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