Lesson Outlines

These lesson outlines will help us study together.  Please review them in advance so we can be prepared to study together.

The lessons will be updated as the study progresses.  Please subscribe to the page so you are alerted via e-mail when lessons are added or updated.

Common Questions with Uncommon Answers
● Introduction - Common Questions with Uncommon Answers
● Lesson 1 - You people in the Church of Christ think you're the only ones going to Heaven
● Lesson 2 - Why must a person be baptized?
● Lesson 3 - Why do you not use pianos and organs in church?
● Lesson 4 - Why do we take the Lord's Supper every week?
● Lesson 5 - Once my God saves me, I'm always saved
● Lesson 6 - I am divorced and remarried. Is that ok?
● Lesson 6 - I Am Divorced and Remarried
● Lesson 7 - Why don't you believe in the rapture?
● Lesson 8 - Why Don't You Believe in the Old Testament?