Long Beach, California



When Los Altos began some 42 years ago, none of us had any idea that we would still be around in February of 2022.  Even the most cursory review of what we have accomplished over the years is amazing and could only have happened with God's blessing and direction.  At the same time it is easy to see the last  decade has not been kind to us.  Key members have moved away.  Then we were shut down for a year by Covid restrictions.  When we returned our membership took another hit. But we decided to "give it a go" because we were not ready to end Los Altos.  We tried to provide the best worship services we could under difficult circumstances.  Still, attendance has decreased.  Our problem was not just the low numbers but our limited ability to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the few young people still attending.  All these factors have led our eldership to make the decision to that we would not meet any more and to encourage our members to find a new place of worship that will meet their needs.  The songs and pictures will remain up to enjoy.  We will continue to post new lessons weekly.  It was a good run.  

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