Long Beach, California

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February 9, 2022

Ramona. Colburn and grandson Steven

Thank you for the gift cards
from Albuquerque Christian Children's Home


Howie concentrates deeply on what Todd has to say

Reaching the top of Mt. Lowe
1996 (?)

Mike setting up
(just a year or two ago smiley)

First Thousand Pines 1979
How many people do you recognize?

Merry Christmas from our Christmas Elves

Christmas Play 1986

The kids play a game
1000 Pines 2013

Jeffrey is ready to take on the snow hill
1000 Pines  2013

Al, Joannie and Todd get ready to greet the guests

Karen and di Anna

The Candy Corn Queen

Liz and Em get the butter ready
Thanksgiving early 90s

Mission accomplished

Trunk or Treat 2015

Sheila and Joanie

Trunk or Treat 2015
Looks like the big kids are having fun too

Happy 70th to Pancho

Saturday night entertainment at 1000 Pines

Lu and Scott at 1000 Pines

Utah work party
late 90s

End of summer
early 2000s

Church picnic 1983

Are we having fun yet?
Lake Gregory 80s

Meal time at Lake Gregory

Los Altos meets up in Tennessee
August 2009

Showdown 2012

A village marvels at their new well installed
by Healing Hands International

Howie takes over on the 4th

Celebrating a victory
early 80s

Iffy Lube Allstars
Dave and Darryl

Getting final instructions for the balloon toss

Harper appears not to be too impressed by the 
rookie in the batter's box

Dave Lanier
1000 Pines (early 80s)

Blake Benton
Gordon College
Class of 2021

Katrice and Sophie

Jerry and Janet

The kids

Fellowship Breakfast (1980s)
Joyce, Rose, and Holly

Fellowship (1984?)
John Harper, Phil Morse, Lu Jenkins and Liz Lashower

Since we last met #7
Pancho got his two shots and went on a road trip!

Since we last met #6
Makayla and Michael grew a lot!

Since we last met #5
Roxanne took up roller blading

Since we last met #4
Cindy and Tim celebrated their 50th 

Since we last met #3
Jill and Howie celebrated their 50th 

Since we last met #2
Tammy and Sheila had birthdays

Since we last met #1
Tommy had a birthday

Lake Gregory (1996 or 1997?)

Karen, Jill, Terrie, Sharon and di Anna plan their next move

Ray, Sue, Betty and Phil at 1000 Pines
Early 80s

Ryan and Tyler
2009 (?)

Young Tim demonstrating his early leadership skills
as he takes a group of hikers down a "shortcut"  eek
Mount Lowe 1992

Christmas Play 1987

1000 Pines Memories 3
Do you want to build a snowman?  (1981)

1000 Pines Memories 2
Lu, Scott and an unidentified Jenkins toddler

1000 Pines Memories 1
Sometime in the 80s

Thanksgiving Past 4
Visiting with the seniors before the dinner

Thanksgiving Past 3
Ray Collins at one of our first dinners at the Senior Center

Thanksgiving Past 2
The serving line is ready

Thanksgiving Past 1
Team Benton at work

Big Al, Jill, Dennis and Liz cut it on the dance floor

Tuesday Night Small Group Study
(Early 2000s?)

Betty Beckwith

For I am convinced that neither death nor life...will be able to separate 
us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8: 38-39

Lisa, Karen, Autumn, Brooke, Deb, Joyce and Cathi
Beach Cookout early 2000s

Happy 80th Bruce
(Silly String supplied by the Pena Sisters)

Sheila and Kita

Pancho's turn
Early 80s

A couple of Howies play softball

Jene crosses the plate
(Happy 75th old guy!)

Matt, Pat, Merri and Lexi

Then and Now #24
Cory Clarke

Then and Now #24
Elizabeth Lashower Dodrill

Then and Now #23
Rose Henderson Rosenthal

Then and Now #22
Miranda Howie Johnson

Then and Now #21
Teresa Collins Guard

Then and Now #20
Janet Turner Sommerfeld

Then and Now #19
Todd Johnson

Then and Now #18
Jason Rosique

Then and Now #18
Karen Leafstedt Robinson and Jill Leafstedt Haug

Then and Now #17
Tim Spivey

Then and Now #16
Billy Troncoso

Then and Now #15
Dennis Spivey

Then and Now #14
Dawn Grossbaier Herrera

Then and Now #13
Sandy Chambers Taylor

Then and Now #12
Donna Davis Watson

Then and Now #11
Brenda Loomis

Then and Now #10
Sylvia Henderson Fletcher
(son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, daughter's boyfriend(?), daughter)

Then and Now #9
Michelle Howie Varsalona

Then and Now #8
Marissa Troncosso Royster

Then and Now #7
Deborah Lashower Porianda

Then and Now #6
Janice Collins Hammers

Then and Now #5
Tammy Spivey Townsend

Then and Now #4
James Stone

Then and Now #3
Stephanie Cullen Baynes

Then and Now #2
Amy Clarke Rangel

Then and Now #1
Jeremy Rosique

Amber, Tammy and diAnna enjoy a time of fellowship

Mother vs Daughter showdown
Thousand Pines a few years ago lol

Three wise guys

John Alegre and Larry ready for class
1000 Pines 2002(?)

Getting ready to climb the wall
1000 Pines 2007(?)

Relaxing after a meal
1000 Pines 2004

Howie, Robert Russell, Jene and Tim entertain
(Miranda tries to join in)
Late 80s

The original kitchen crew 
Lu Jenkins, Ben Spivey and Betty Morse

Trunk or Treat 2018

Sheila and Alaina get ready for Trunk or Treat

The church in Zimbabwe
Early 2019

Bruce, Romaine and Ramona are ready for class

The day the Iffy Lube team met their match

1000  Pines
(Not sure of the year but Sophie is really little)

The Los Altos Dive Team #2

The Los Altos Dive Team

40 years ago
This one is a little blurry but it's still worth using
Top row...Nancy, Lu, Trish, Colburn and Ramona
Bottom row...Ben, Della, Timmy, Sheila, Tammy and Grace

40 years ago

40 years ago

40 years ago

Craig and Lu celebrate the 4th

The winner is...Joe with Deb the runner up
Liar's Poker

More Liar's poker

The class of 2019!

Liar's Poker
Early 2000s


The guys work on Joanne's trailer

Kelsea, Roxanne and Ashley

Al, Joan, Sheila, Romaine and Bruce get
ready for Tuesday night study

Sharon warms up while working the night shift
Relay For Life 2009

Holly and Blake get ready to carry the banner
Relay For Life 2009

Jeff and Karen take a turn carrying the banner
Relay For Life 2009

Cathi and Ron
Relay for Life2009

Goodbye to the Bentons

Alaina and unknown friend

Dave and John share an insightful moment

Abbie snags an award at Los Altos Oscar Night

Amber, Jeffrey and Terry C.

Brooke and Cathi

Dennis describes the one that got away. 

Getting warm at 1000 Pines

From the Leisure World Weekly

Sako, Lexi, and Merri

Mike's baptism

Sophie's baptism

Emily baptized by Tim
Date unknown

Baptism in Zimbabwe

Edith Archetko

 For I am convinced that neither death nor life...will be able to separate
us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

The kids await their turn with Santa Clarke
Christmas 1986

Unknown Los Altos member at 1000 Pines

Timmy, Ramona, maybe Emily and Tammy enjoy
breakfast at 1000 Pines
(early 80s)

Pancho braves the elements
1000 Pines 2013

The food line is getting ready to serve

Thanksgiving morning 2014...serving over 150 seniors
(We've been doing it for 40 years)

Betty Morse working in the kitchen
Thanksgiving 1983

Trunk or Treat 2018

Joann and Sharon take the prize
(mid 80s)

A celebration dance

di Anna and Emmie at the Ladies' Tea

Cindy at the Ladies' Tea

Todd with Tammy Rangel and Sylvia Henderson

Baptism in Zimbabwe
Summer 2018

Jene, Betty Morse, and Cindy
Early 80s

Summer Fun 7
After a long day at Lake Gregory

Summer Fun 6
Beach cookout

Summer Fun 5
Balloon toss finalists 2015

Summer Fun 4
Steph, Tammy, Joe, Miranda and Jene are getting the job done in Utah.

Summer Fun 3
Softball Team Late 80s/Early 90s

Summer Fun 2
O'Neill Park early 80s

Summer Fun
Ready to hike Half Dome

Get well soon John!

Jasmine is ready for some 4th of July fireworks
Early 2000s?

Trisha Jenkins takes a rip
early 80s

Baptism at the Leafstedt pool
Early 80s

Emily and friends at her 40th birthday party

"O-76...wait, that can't be right!"
VA Bingo

Kevin Britton in search of some coconuts
2018, Uganda

Work party at Joann's trailer

Janice Collins, Mary Moak, Sue Collins, and Trisha Jenkins (not yet Dunn)
1000 Pines in the early 80s

John Alegre tries to rescue Big Red from a rut
Utah 1990's

A time of fellowship (80s)

Emily, Rachel, Roxanne, Cindy, Lexi, Hannah and Abbie
getting the audience to clap along

Sako, Joan and Al

Makayla is getting warmer

Matt, Pat, Merri and Lexi Pendleton
(Early 2000s)


Lu places one in the strike zone while Jocelyn, Tammy and Sandy get ready.

A little quidditch action with Roxanne
  (You have to be a Harry Potter fan to understand wink)

Jeff, Tim and Jene with Coach Gene Stallings 1980s
(Tim is flashing the coach's Super Bowl ring)

Emily and Liz looking for a snowball fight

Bubba wants out
Lake Arrowhead 2012

The Clarke and Spivey kids

Tim's 30th birthday party

Sharon Pena
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness...
2Timothy 4:7-8

Wishing everyone a very Larry Christmas!

Liz, Emily and Dennis 1986
(Costumes probably by Joann)

Joe and William get ready for the hill

The stuffing master and her new apprentice

Gwen and Kita making things ready
(or maybe Kita is swiping a roll wink)

Vintage Thanksgiving 2
Marissa Troncoso and Ann Clarke

Vintage Thanksgiving

Trunk or Treat 3

Trunk or Treat 2

Trunk or Treat

Lake Gregory
mid 90s

Men's Prayer Breakfast
Date unknown

Makayla is up to the challenge

Top row...Holly Henderson, Tammy Spivey, Jeff Turner and Tim Spivey
Middle row..unknown girl, Emily Spivey, Michelle Howie and Liz Lashower
Bottom Row...unknown boy and Dennis Spivey
Around 1982

Ben, Della and Tim Spivey (the younger)
July 1979

Directory Time Machine 24
Gail Tetterton

Directory Time Machine 23
Tim, Tammy, Sheila, and Jene

Directory Time Machine 22
James and Sharon

Directory Time Machine 21
Christine and Tom

Directory Time Machine 20
Dave and Terrie

Directory Time Machine 19
Alice and Dave

Directory Time Machine 18
Ramona and Colburn

Directory Time Machine 17
Joclyn (no fair...she hasn't changed!)

Directory Time Machine 16
The Rosenthals

Class of 2017!

Directory Time Machine 15
The Chmiels

Directory Time Machine 14
The Clarkes

Directory Time Machine 13
The Spiveys

Directory Time Machine 13
Merri and Lexi

Directory Time Machine 12
The Johnsons

Directory Time Machine 11
Grace White

Directory Time Machine 10
The Lashowers

Directory Time Machine 9

Directory Time Machine 8
Sako and Jerry

Directory Time Machine 7
The Story's (minus the boss)

Directory Time Machine 6

Directory Time Machine 5
The Bentons

Directory Time Machine 4
The Pena Family

Directory Time Machine 3
Miranda and Sue Howie

Directory Time Machine 2
Patti and Kelsea

Directory Time Machine
Kita and Katrina

Church picnic
Early 80's

Ready to ride the Yellow Banana
late 80s (?)

The race ends
1000 Pines 2013

The race begins
1000 Pines 2013

This just looks like trouble
1000 Pines 2013

Blake shares a song
2012 (?)

Dennis and Tim share a private joke
December '87

Liz and the Rosique boys await their turn with Santa Clarke

Santa's helpers Christmas '86
Cory, Amy and Tammy

Dishing out Thanksgiving dinner

Time to Serve

Thanksgiving at the Senior Center
Sue Howey checks her stuffing
Early 80s

Thanksgiving at the Senior Center
Ben Spivey gives it the taste test
Early 80s

The joy of fellowship

A little more praising in song

Another great foursome

Quite a quartet

Liz and Deb at the top of Mt. Lowe

Water balloon toss

End of summer beach party
Early 2000s (?)

Our original men's softball team and bat-boy

Happy 75th to Joann

Sheila, Cory, Pancho, Tim, Howie, and Amy
Church picnic around 1981 or 1982

Summer Fun at Lake Gregory

Old 4th of July #3

Old 4th of July #2

Old 4th of July #1

A gathering at the Lanier's

David Dunn install the elders

Baby Abbie on display at Deborah's baptism

The class of 2016!

Sophie and Dennis don't seem to be too impressed by the food at
the World's Famous Charbroiler (late 1990s?)

The World's Greatest MC

"What work party?"

The Brittons enjoying their US stay

Hunting eggs and stylin'

High hopes

A different kind of Easter egg basket

The Easter Egg hunt gets underway

Go-kart Mechanics

Amber tries to get the girls to go to sleep

The tan belt and pens sticking out of Jeff's pocket says it all.
Thanksgiving dinner 1987

Ladies fellowship activity

The Pena girls, Ashley and a mystery lady (Kelsea?)

Camp Tonda...early 70s
This picture actually takes place during our days with the Uptown Church of Christ but it was too good to pass up.  From left to right, Jeff, Jene, Tim, Steve Hunter, Pancho and Dave Lanier.

1000 Pines (around 1996 or 1997)

Tuesday night fellowship 2004

Japhet praying with two teens about to be baptized.
Zimbabwe, Africa

Kamaryha is making sure the wise
men have a star to follow

A Dickens Christmas 2015

Christmas Party

Christmas Play 1987

Jeffrey and William are ready to serve
Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving at the Senior Center
 Amy, Cory, Tim, and Tammy

Happy Trunk or Treaters

More Trunk or Treat Fun

Trunk or Treat 2013

Mastering the confidence course
1000 Pines 2011

Making mischief at 1000 Pines

1000 Pines rock wall climbers

Todd climbs the "pole of death"
Mount Lowe 1992

Summer Fun 10
Water Balloon Toss

Summer Fun 9
Outnumbered but not defeated!

Summer Fun 8
Who wants to go in first?
Yosemite 1993

Summer Fun 7
Dad shows who's boss

Summer Fun 6
Camping out at O'Neil Park (mid-80s)

Summer Fun 5
Nothing gets by Tim

Summer Fun 4
Waiting for the fireworks show

Summer Fun 3
Jene has a seaweed surprise for Liz

Summer Fun 2
Dinner at Lake Gregory

Summer Fun 1
Sheila and Jene at Lake Gregory

Pancho's Puppeteers

Gail Troncoso and Billy wink

The old sign

Grace, Joann and Cory

Sheila's big hit

Kita and Katrice at 1000 Pines

A reunion of our first set of kids

Lunch at the World Famous Charbroiler

The ropes get tested at 1000 Pines

The Ammons Family

Tomas Vazquez
Age 5
City of Children

Dulce Corales
Age 5
City of Children


Putting their left foot in

Christmas Angels 1985
(Dennis and Emily Spivey, Elizabeth and Deborah Lashower)

Thanksgiving 2014
The servers are serving.

Thanksgiving 2014
The cooks prepare the food

Thanksgiving 2014
The crowd arrives

Thanksgiving at the Senior Center
Young Tim

A happy camper

1000 Pines...It's about the fellowship and the memories
(Bonus point if you can find Liz  wink)

All the kids enjoying Trunk or Treat

Halloween Past #2

Halloween Past #1

The Music Girls...Bekah Blake and Abbie

Trunk or Treat 2013


The Ladies Tea (90's)

1000 Pine 2013

Ready, set, go!

Take me out to the ballgame 


Teresa Collins and the Yellow Banana (80s)

Ann and Tom

Emily gets baptized

Two kids on a sled

1000 Pines 1981

Our  elders having fun at Stevely Park

Jasmine Dockstader
Pepperdine class of 2014

Egg hunters

Jill Del Rio, our former missionary to Chile, with her husband Eduardo

Ryan's baptism

It's bingo time!

Patti, Kelsea, and Tom 2004

Bowling Champs

Let me outta here!

The Johnson girls 2004

A long, long time ago

Joann and her trailer

Peter Paul and Mary

Best friends

Utah in the 80s

Tim and Santa Clarke

Betty and Connie do their magic

Pancho conquers the rock roll

1000 Pines 1983

A friendly game of bombardier
1000 Pines Mid-90s

Fun in the snow!
Early 90s at 1000 Pines

One more Thanksgiving picture

Thanksgiving at the Senior Center part 2

Thanksgiving at the Senior Center 1990

More Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat 2012

Catalina Trip part 3

Catalina Trip part 2
(Look at those cute legs!)

Catalina Trip
(late 80's?)

Yosemite 1992

Singing at 1000 Pines

Gail Tetterton (Dave Benton's mom)

Born to be wild!
(young Tim and Steven)

Ladies Retreat

4th of July

Grace White

Happy Father's Day

Ben Spivey leads singing

Thanksgiving 19??

Oscar night

A WACKY group

Going for a ride!

1000 Pines 2004

Christmas 1990


Sue and Miranda

Looking good for Sunday School!

A Friendly Game of Horseshoes

Our First Toddler Class

The Ladies' Softball Team

The First Baptism

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