Reach out to the lost

It has never been easier to reach a large audience with the gospel. TheLordsWay.com includes all the online tools you need to effectively serve and evangelize your community.

Your web site can contain a discussion board for questions and answers, create interactive Bible correspondence courses complete with an online test and post articles and sermon outlines.  You can also post videos and audio recordings from which visitors to your site can learn.  These are just a few of the outreach tools that await you on your site created by TheLordsWay.com.

You congregation is busy about the Lord's work.  Let the community see all the activities available to them and extend them a warm welcome.  Many people use the Internet as a way to "break the ice."  Let your web site represent your congregation and educate and welcome the people in your neighborhood.

The church has the mission to seek and save that which is lost.  A web site can assist in spreading the Word to those who so desperately need it.  Add a site to your evangelistic efforts today!