Our terms of service

Limitations of use
TheLordsWay.com hosts sites exclusively for the churches of Christ, their ministries or members.  All content posted is the responsibility of the poster but under no circumstances may any sites contain pornographic material, foul language or any other images or text deemed harmful to the church or the cause of Jesus Christ.  TheLordsWay.com maintains the right to deem content inappropriate and take whatever actions needed to protect those faithful congregations who use the service.  These actions can be to remove any offensive material without warning or terminate the service of the offending party if deemed appropriate by TheLordsWay.com.

Copyrighted material, including print, audio and video, should only be posted to your site if you are legally allowed to do so by law.  Any party posting copyrighted material does so under their own authority and retains responsibility for these posting.  TheLordsWay.com does not monitor the legality of materials placed on individual congregations web sites.

A valid, current and monitored e-mail address for the responsible party within the congregation must be maintained within your account on TheLordsWay.com. This e-mail will be used to communicate with you regarding payments, updates, system downtime and other items that will allow for proper and relevant communication.

Hosting services are billed at $100 per year.  Advanced notice it be sent to e-mail address listed on the home page so please ensure this address is current.  This advanced payment e-mail will contain a link to print a statement with the amount of the payment and the date it is due.  If payment is not received the site will be marked as inactive, with all data being preserved, until such time payment is received.  If payment is not received within 3 months of the due date the service may be terminated at the discretion of TheLordsWay.com