Three Areas

Your site should help you!

Your web site should help your congregation in three areas; reaching the public, informing your membership and assisting the leadership. Here is a quick preview of what your web site will do:

The Public - Write articles, create interactive courses, share your church programs, news and much more!

Your Membership - A secure directory, prayer list, mass e-mails, news, and much more!

The Leadership - Track members attendance, involvement, contributions, and much more!

A web site created on is specifically designed to meet these three important challenges.  You can use as many, or as few, of the features we offer for one low price.  With over ten years experience, and 200 congregations served, we have developed an easy to use system that will centralize your efforts in information management. Click here to see all of the pages that will help you evanglize, inform, online.



Reach out to the lost

It has never been easier to reach a large audience with the gospel. includes all the online tools you need to effectively serve and evangelize your community.

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Communicate with members

The members of your congregation lead active and busy lives. allows you to quickly and easily communicate with all of them instantly, letting them know about news, events, prayer requests and more.

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Easy, Efficient, Effective

The Internet opens many doors to your membership and community. Along with your existing evangelistic plans a website on creates opportunities and contains tools to grow your congregations involvement and attendance.

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Simple, Easy, Exclusive is an online service designed to allow you to easily create and manage a custom web site for your congregation.  With over 30 feature-rich pages, your congregation is able to share a vast amount of information.

Don't know anything about creating a web site? is for you! enables you to manage your web content easily and efficiently, allowing you to focus on the many other essential needs in your congregation and community.  Your site is always fresh and current, and you do it all yourself in seconds! serves exclusively congregations of the Lord's church.  We realize your congregation may not have the skills to build an extensive web site.  That's where comes in.  You simply fill in the online forms we provide, and your site is created automatically!  It's really that easy.  Click here to see a video showing how to sign up.

See for yourself by taking a tour now!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!  Thanks for checking us out!


Why do we need a website

Many people today use the Internet to do research. From learning about the scriptures to finding a congregation while traveling a web site is a great resource for members and seekers alike. Your website will allow your teaching, programs and services into the homes of those people who visit and browser your online pages.

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How is different?

First, we only offer our service to congregations of churches of Christ or related ministries. This exclusiveness avoids confusion and ensures your site is not on the same service as other sites of which you would not be comfortable.

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I am not good with a computer

We hear this a lot and we like to say "Then you are in the right place!" provides simple easy to complete forms that you fill in with your information. You click Save and your pages are created for you. It is really that easy! Your site can be as basic or as well featured as you like. You decide!

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