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Search Engine Placement
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Date 7/20/2011
Question How do I get my site to come up on a search engine (ex; Google, Yahoo, Bing)?

All of the search engine web sites (ex; Google, Yahoo, Bing) regard their placement and ranking systems as closely guarded secrets.  It takes time for a new site appear on a search engine site so please to patient.  Each search engine must "find” your site with their indexing tools and this can take several weeks.  There are a few things, however, you can do to help present your site on search engine pages:


1.       Unique Domain Name - A unique domain name ( is more likely to place well with search engine sites.

2.       META Data - Having proper META data within your site helps search engines find and list your site.  Sites created on have their META data populated automatically.

3.       Links - Cross links to/from other sites will help the search engines find your site.  The more sites that are linked to yours the better your placement.

4.       Traffic to your site – Encourage members and visitors to visit your site.  The more people that visit, the better ranking your site will have.

5.       Site Submission – You can submit your site to the major search engine sites and they will add it to their search results.

6.       Money – You can pay to place your site on a search engine site.   This can be done through partner programs or advertisements.  This is typically billed "per click” as users click the link on the search site to visit your web page.

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