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What is the Registration page?
Area Registration
Date 4/18/2011
Question What is the Registration page? How does it work? Why should I use it?
Answer When your congregation holds an event the Registration page allows you to setup that event online. People who want to attend that event can register for it online as well. Using this page you will have easy access to:
- Current events and the number of people attending.
- Past event details and the number of people that attended (to help in planning your next event).
- Detailed information about events and attendees.

As an example, your congregation is holding VBS in the summer. You advertise this event to the local community and let people know to register online. You will know:
- How many to expect for VBS (to prepare teachers, snacks, etc).
- The ages and grades of the children.
- Emergency contact information.
- The children that need a ride (since this is a question your VBS registration form can ask them).
- Any notes the parents want you to know.

Then after VBS you will have a complete list of attendees to conduct followup visits and other outreach. As you can see using the Registration page has many advantages.
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