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Here are some articles and sermon outlines you may find interesting.  Click on any title for the full text.  Contact us for more information.

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What must I do in order to go to Heaven?
What must I do in order to go to Heaven? There are many misconceptions regarding what a person must do in order to go to Heaven. We must be willing to weigh everything we hear in light of the scriptures. More>>

Lessons From Simon
Text : Acts 8:14-24 Into: 1. History of Simon 2. Simon was a Christian with a weakness 3. He had a great desire for the gift of God 4. Yet it was with the wrong intention I. He tried to obtain the right gift in the wrong way a. More>>

Double Minded
Double Mindedness Text: James 1:5 - 8 Intro: This passage mentions someone whom we should all be concerned for. The double minded man. This is someone that we need to ask ourselves if we are like this when it comes to our lives. More>>

The Christians Influence
The Christians Influence Text: 2nd Corinthians 4:1-3. Intro: Everyone has been influenced by someone. Everyone Christian has an influence on those around them. Sometimes though that influence may not be seen until years later. More>>

None of These Things Move Me
None of These Things Move Me Text: Acts 20:17 - 38 Intro: This passage ought to serve as an inspiration to all of us. In a day when we see so many moved away from God and His work we should listen to what Paul told the elders. More>>

Things That Lead To Peace
Things That Lead To Peace Text: Matt. 11:28 - 30 Intro: We seek peace, and unfortunately we go out of our way to find it in all the wrong places. The most shocking thing that I have heard lately is what Americans would be willing to do in exchange for 10 million dollars. More>>

The Christian and prayer
The Christian and prayer Text: Colossians 4:2 Intro: The Christian enjoys something that the non-Christian does not, and that would be prayer. Unfortunately there are many mis-conceptions about prayer. More>>

What Delights God?
What Delights God? by Steve Barlow What Delights God? Text: Micah 7:18 - 19 Intro: We all delight in certain things. God is no different. 1. It can be difficult to understand. More>>


Double Minded
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