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The New Great Commission

    A Commission is defined as:   “ an authoritative order, charge, or direction.”             
Look at what Paul says about his instructions in 1Thes. 4:2   
    "For you know what commandments we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus."
    We find that the orders given in 1 Thes 4:1-12 are the EXACT definition of a commission given on the authority of Jesus Christ Himself.  You’ll also notice it says nothing about “go ye into all the world” or “you must evangelize” or “you must teach others”.     “Go ye into all the world” in Matthew 28 was the Commission given to the Apostles by Jesus and applies as a command ONLY to the Apostles.   
    The Commission given by the Apostles for us as Christians is ENTIRELY different!   Let’s look at the NEW Great Commission given to us:

    Paul begins by discussing the way we interact with others in a PHYSICAL way:

     1.  Abstain from fornication & adultery.
    Nothing vague about that.    NO grey area!               ALL sexual behavior outside the bonds of marriage is not permitted.  Period.  End of discussion.   It is not open for debate.   Possess your body with sanctification (set apart) & honor.   ANY sexual behavior that makes you look like everyone else that is worldly around you and would dishonor those who taught you better is strictly forbidden.   
    2. Paul adds a solemn warning that the Lord is the avenger in such matters and to reject this command of abstinence outside of marriage is to reject God.     End of discussion.   
    3. Yet how many want to hem & haw as to what “sexual behavior” really means?  Is it really that difficult to understand?  
    Does it make you look like those of the world?   Then it is wrong.
    Does it dishonor God’s Word?   Then it is wrong.
    To BEND these commands to allow behavior you then try to hide or cover up is to reject these commands.  Then who have you rejected?   
    4. Can you treat this command about immorality lightly and still walk as a Christian?     

    But that is not all of the New Great Commission given by the authority of Jesus, Himself!    Paul continues with commands that are just as important as the ones about immorality.       

    Paul then talks about the way we interact with others in a SPIRITUAL way:         

Make it your ambition/goal/ aim to:   
    1. Live a quiet life. Greek = hesuchazo
         in Luke 14:4 this word is translated:    “But they kept silent.”
         in Acts 11:18 it is tranlated:   "they quieted down”
         in Acts 21:14 it is translated: “ we fell silent”
    So what is Paul trying to tell us in this NEW Great Commission?
    James tells us in  James 1:19  "But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger."     
    Peter tells us in  1 Peter 3:  the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit is precious in the sight of God.  
    Paul, James, & Peter ALL agree that a QUIET LIFE is the foremost command of our NEW great commission.  

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