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We'd like to know what you think about our web site. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors.

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Name: Bobby Bollman 
Comments: Hello Bill, it has been a long time since I have seen you.  How are things going.  I am one of the elders at Jefferson church of Christ.

Name: keijo 
E-Mail: keijo.leppioja@hotmail.com 
Comments: Thank you God for your wisdom that teach us daily with many differents  sake and experience with love and care and  later you will give opportune that be your weapons against sin and against   darkness and his power, thanks and bless and pray,your brother in faith and praise ,keijo sweden

Name: Bobby Bollman 
E-Mail: cypresstx@charter.net 
Comments: Hello Bill:
    It's been awhile since I have been in contact.  Thought I would give you a yell and see how things are going.  I lost your web page when my computer crashed and just thought of getting it again.  Hope everything is well.  Come over to Jefferson to see us sometime.

God Bless,
Bobby Bollman

Name: Casey Murch 
Comments: the sermon on 9/21 grace and baptism was very good, came at a good time. thanks :)

Name: Sis. Christine King 
Comments: I am a member of the Church of Christ in Bakersfield, CA
I visited your church back in August of 2002. I was there visiting relatives. I see you now have a new church God has blessed you with. remember being well received by the members there.

Name: Carl and Betty DeLong 
E-Mail: katiesmemaw@yahoo.com 
Comments: Thank you so much for the updated sermons and lessons this morning.  We look forward to continuing to study with you when we are away from Marshall.  Much love to "the family" there.
Betty and Carl

Name: Lisa Harper 
E-Mail: lisa.harper@dfps.state.tx.us 
Comments: Good morning Bill!  Thank you for being the caring person you are.  I hope you have a wonderful week.


Name: keijo leppioja 
E-Mail: keijo.leppioja@hotmail.com 
Comments: And le tthe gospel inspirer us that be wise that spread the gospel with visions and goal with  the HOly Spirith anointing and power with authory in Christ with healing and miracles ,so thanks and bless and be big help to sinners,pray,keijo sweden

Name: Jim Blankenship 
E-Mail: happyhaven@frontiernet.net 
Comments: Dear brethren,
Thank you for your prayerful and financial support of children’s homes affiliated with churches of Christ for so many years.
Since 1965, Happy Haven has been a place that cares for children. Over the years, countless hundreds of children have been served and taught about Jesus through our ministry, with literally hundreds having been baptized. Our house parents are doing a super job in raising our children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4.) Our reason for existing is to lead these young people into a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The world is bringing us their children and saying we can teach them anything we want to and that will be all right. What a mission field we have at Happy Haven!  Food, shelter, clothing, education, safety, medical and dental care can be provided by any home but at Happy Haven Home only Christian parents provide for the spiritual needs of these children every day. Jesus truly loves the little children of the world through our hands. In the “Bible belt” the field is “white unto harvest” through child care.
All our children attend the public school in Cookeville, Tennessee which is on a “year round” schedule which means they are out during the months of June and July for summer and these months really fly by with all the activities going on like camp, Vacation Bible School, and field trips both on and off campus. We keep our children really busy because we know, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Your generosity encourages us to ask again to be involved in our ministry to children. There are still some who do not know that we are no longer under state contract and we no longer receive state funds. When we were receiving state funds we were able to save some which helps us to make ends meet now.
We are pleading for your help in two areas. First of all, we will be facing increased expenses during the school year. The list of needs is endless of school supplies, back packs, jeans, dresses, shirts, shoes, socks, under wear, etc. Every year our expenses rise dramatically. Secondly, we are striving to accept more and more non-custodial children through a “working agreement” with the Department of Children’s Services. Everyone agrees that it takes a lot of money to raise children. We currently have six children with more expected soon. Our girl’s home is full again. The last few months have been financially tough for us at Happy Haven. Some of the larger gifts that we receive from Churches of Christ and businesses have been smaller or non-existent. Some churches have been forced to drop some of their benevolent efforts which also affected us. As the number of children increases, the amount of money needed to help those decreases. Some don’t realize the when children come to Happy Haven their clothing is not adequate which needs to be taken care of immediately. We want our children clean descent like your children. We have more mouths to feed, clothe, house, educate, and care from an endless sea of neglect and abuse.
We need your help. Would you prayerfully consider a financial gift to Happy Haven? We need one-time gifts as well as monthly commitments. The work we are doing with children is greatly needed and commanded by our Savior. Would you help us help abused and neglected children become happy, loved children? They are depending on the Christian staff here to show them the loving heart of Jesus. If we don’t, no one else will.
If I could come to tell you about the Happy Haven story to your congregation or answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call and setup an appointment. You are important to our children. We also have my presentation on DVD which we can mail to you if you prefer.
Jim Blankenship
Jim Blankenship, D. Min.

Name: Larry Fitzgerald 
Comments: What a wonderful site. Thanks.
By the way, I am assisting a congregation in Colorado City, Texas. It is a great little congregation in the "Plainview Community" (not the town of Plainview). If you're traveling down I-20 in West Texas, stop by and worship with us.
For the Cause of Christ,
Our website is ...

Name: Earl E> Gates 
E-Mail: earljoycegates@aol.com 
Comments: Love your web-site and since you are posting your sermons on it you will not need to mail us the c-d's I have sent some to Pa. , Nebraska, and New Mexico Also gave two on Hebrews to an Elder here in Texarkana who is now teaching the book of Hebrews.

Name: aba lagos 
E-Mail: maga-jon@keepoff.com 
Comments: keep it uppppppppppppppppppp

Name: Jackie Smith 
Comments: Hello Bill, thank you for the cd's you sent.  I am enjoying and learning much regarding the Feast of Israel and how they related to Jesus.  What a study!!!!

Hope all are well.  God bless you daily in all that you do.

Name: Earl & joyce Gates 
E-Mail: earljoycegates@aol.com 
Comments: We do love your cd,s but we do not have an MP3 player. After we listen to the cd we give it to other people. Thanks so much.

Name: Larry Fitzgerald 
E-Mail: drfitz3@aol.com 
Comments: Thank you for your good work.  By the way, I’m starting a free web page for preachers, church secretaries, ministers and bulletin writers. My goal is to help them with bulletin articles, sermon starters, illustrations and sermonettes. Below are some articles you are welcome to use, free of charge. When I was preaching for the Cisco Church of Christ in Texas, I was always looking for such resources. Go to http://www.freewebs.com/freebulletinarticle/.

Name: Vivian Kennon 
Comments: Pulled up our web site today, 2/9/07.  So thankful you have created this for the world to see and visit Crestview on the web.  Keep up what you are doing & let me know when you need us.

Name: Raymond Coats, Sr 
E-Mail: raymondcoats24@netzero.com 
Comments: I am always looking forward to comments about our website: www.tiptopwebsite.com/preacher1 and so I am just getting to know your site and will be commenting on a future date.

Name: Obed Kemei 
E-Mail: obedkemei@yahoo.com 
Comments: Hallo thanks alot for such a wonderfull work the site is so nice keep it up and more will get to know God
God bless you all

Name: Jackie Smith 
E-Mail: jsmith1@etex.net 
Comments: I received your letter and the two cd's.  Thank you for remembering me.  I am very impressed with your website and the ability to hear Bill's lesson.  You have done an excellent job.  May the Lord continue to open the doors to teaching and the hearts open to receiving the written word of God.  May you be blessed in all your efforts to teach the truth.  The world is filled with people who are walking in darkness and without wisdom and the U.S. has more than ever.  Thank you Lord for your work here....thank you Bill.

Name: Holly Graves 
E-Mail: hollygraves83@yahoo.com 
Comments: Hey, I'm so glad to see the website.  I'm going to try and download the sermons to my mp3 player.  Chris and I are loving living in Plano, but we sure do miss everybody!!

Loving ya'll,

Holly and Chris.

Name: Carl and Betty DeLong 
E-Mail: cvd9438@yahoo.com 
Comments: Bill and Crestview Family....We sure do miss you folks back there at Crestview.  We are in snowy Waynesville, NC. the 26th of December.  We look forward to our next visit at Crestview and until then will enjoy our interim visits to the website and hearing your wonderful lessons on the CD's.  Give our regards to everyone there.  Love in Him, Carl and Betty

Name: Daryl Ware 
Comments: Great way to share the Gospel to all corners of the globe.

Name: Joyce Burney 
E-Mail: joyce.burney@gmail.com 
Bill, I am loving this site, you have done a wonderful job and I'm convinced this will be a far-reaching ministry. Have read every article posted, printed them out and will keep for future reference.


Name: Earl E. Gates 
E-Mail: earljoycegates@aol.com 
Comments: I think it is great. Haven't had a chanche to see it all but what I have seen has impressed me.

Name: Vivian Kennon  
E-Mail: viviank@co.harrison.tx.us 
Comments: Bill,
I think this sight is wonderful. Thanks for everything you do at Crestvie.  See you later.  Bubba came home yesterday but still not feeling good.

Name: Eisa Cole 
Comments: This is great.  If you are new at this, it doesn't show.  I'm going to enjoy  visiting and learning through this website.

Name: Bobbie & Eva Oliver 
E-Mail: bobbieoliver@sbcglobal.net 
Comments: Uncle Bill, hello and thank you for the CD'S.  We are listening to the Feast Of Israel 1-5.  This came to us right on time because Bobbie has close relatives trying to convert him to the Seventh Day Adventist. I am listening to it as I type this message.  We think this is a wonderful project and we expect to receive other CD'S.  Let us knopw if the church need money to get these messages out to the world.  Love and peace be with the Crestview Church of Christ.  Bobbie and Eva Oliver

Name: Troy Myers 
E-Mail: tmzsmyers@aol.com 
Comments: I believe that God's word is understandable to those who want to listen.  Keep speeking the truth in love and God will add to His Kingdom.

Name: Bob and Carol Smith (Sojourners) 
E-Mail: smithbobpsmith@aol.com 
Comments: I love your web site and am sure it will bring contacts to your spiritual family there at Crestview.  I have loaded it into my favorites so I can bring it up when I want to look at it.          Super.     Bill, Carol and I have not made it home to Ohio since leaving Marshall.  We got detoured into Oklahoma to assist with a family medical problem with Carol's brother.We will leave tomorrow afternoon to proceed on to Ohio.  My mail that arrives is secured by a friend of ours in the church.  Our home congregation web site is
http://www.cachurchofchrist.com/    take a look at ours..................Wish you all well, look  forward to our next visit with you.  Bob and Carol

Name: Carl and Betty DeLong 
E-Mail: cvd9438@yahoo.com 
Comments: Hi Bill,
We wanted you to know personally how very much we appreciate the lessons you have taught during the time we have been visiting.  When we travel to other towns we have used the churchzip.com website to locate churches in the area.   When we looked at Marshall, there is a listing for Crestview that was last updated July 17, 2001.  It linked us to your old email of crestview@mcc4U.com.  Thought someone might want to update that information as well.  This website looks great.  We are so glad to know that it is available and that we will still be able to connect with you through the website and email when we travel.  Continue to fulfill God's purpose in your life.  In Him, Carl and Betty DeLong

Name: Bonnie Mohr 
E-Mail: bomohr153@sbcglobal.net 
Comments: Bill, I have looked forward to having your sermons/lessons available on-line for such a long time.  Now others are able to hear the Gospel taught the way it should be taught, and say "Wow! I want to hear more of that!  I want to know more of the truth!"  For Marshall, Texas and now for all people worldwide, the superficial "milk" of knowledge is no longer acceptable.  The meat of the Word is on what we will feast, from now on. That is, unless there are people who are still afraid to grow up.

Name: Shae Bogue 
E-Mail: m.bogue@sbcglobal.net 
Comments: Great Website. I really feel connected now to you from such a long distance.

Name: Preston Holland 
E-Mail: nashscan@yahoo.com 
Comments: Great website Bill!  Good article on the simplicity of Baptism.

Name: Bobby Bollman 
E-Mail: cypresstx@att.net 
Comments: Nice looking web site Bill.  Good to hear from you again.

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