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Ten Years Later

    I began as minister of Crestview ten years ago as a temporary solution to the problem of the former preacher walking out on a Sunday morning in a huff over money.  I had very distinct ideas of how an assembly should be done, but I knew I would never IMPOSE my thoughts on the congregation.  Now, ten years later,  100% of what I wanted in the assembly has come to pass and I could not be happier with our little group. 
     These are the things that I always wished for and I would suggest for all churches of Christ:
      1.  No one makes a penny off of this congregaion.  No salaries, no perks, no nothing.  Everyone, including myself, does everything for our little group on a volunteer basis because we want to.
     2.  The offering plate is on a table in the foyer and it stays there.  We do not mix money into the communion service.   People contribute as they wish.  So far, ten years later, we have never had one financial problem.
     3.  Anyone can lead singing, make a statement of thanks, ask publicly for help or question me during my lessons.  Everyone can contribute to assembly as long as we follow the instruction of women not teaching or taking authority over men.
     4.  Every Sunday morning begins with Breakfast (biscuits, sausage, bacon, cereal, pastries, fruit, coffee, juices) and we sit down and eat together.  Every other Sunday is Potluck and we eat in the gym after services.  We love to eat!!
     5.  Sunday evening is for personal fellowship instead of formal assembly.  Call members you want to get to know better and have them over, or go out for coffee or go to the movies.  "Where two or more are gathered" applies anywhere.
     If this sounds like a congregation you would like to be part of, come see us!
     If you're horrified by our lack of proper tradition, come see us anyway!
     Here's to ten more years of Peace & Joy & Grace!

     Bill Beene

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