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Child Protection Pol
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Child Protection Policy





This policy is intended to help create a safe and joyful environment for all children that enter Norfolk church of Christ property and participate in church activities. We also desire to protect all those who work with our children. These policies are designed to prevent child abuse or any unfounded allegations against workers and teachers.


*Required to be members of the church.

*Be willing to be interviewed by leadership and present job and personal references.

*Be willing to undergo a background check.


*Each group of children will have at least one adult for supervision, two adults with children when possible.

*Any group must be observable by others: In classrooms- no locked doors, doors open when possible, Elders or another designated adult will make unscheduled "look-ins" on every classroom. All classroom doors will have windows.

*Physical contact with children should be minimal, in the presence of others, and appropriate:

handshakes, "high fives", are examples of appropriate contact. Hugs should only be given only when initiated by the child.

*When taking younger children to the restroom, adults should supervise children of the same gender. Worker should stay at the entrance door while the child is inside. Worker is to enter to assist only when necessary. If parent is present have them assist when possible.

*A parent must be notified and permission granted for their children to participate in any "off duty/off premises" activities with another adult.

*When transporting children, plan stops so that the last drop has at least two departees other than the driver. Avoid one driver/one child situations. Avoid one adult/one child waiting for parent pick up at the building.

*The church will inquire about child protection policies and practices from other groups and inform parents before sending our children to other functions not sponsored by the Norfolk Church of Christ; such as Bible camps and youth rallies, service projects.

*Our child protection policy will be posted on our website and in the church building.

*Our child protection policy will be reviewed and a congregational presentation given annually.


REPORTING suspected child abuse:

1.All workers are to be familiar with the definitions of child abuse.

a. Physical Abuse: The non-accidental injury which may include beatings, violent shaking,human biting, strangulation, suffocation, poisoning, burns. Signs may be bruises, welts, broken bones, scars, disfiguration, psychological damage, bleeding, internal injuries, brain damage or death.

b. Neglect: Failure to provide a child with the basic needs, including food, clothing,education, shelter, and medical care; also abandonment and inadequate supervision.

c. Sexual Abuse: The sexual exploitation of a child, as in rape, incest, fondling, kissing, exhibitionism, or pornography. When an adult or another minor forces or persuades a child to engage in any type of sexual contact, it is sexual abuse.


2. If one suspects or is told of child abuse, the following steps are to be followed:

a. Report the suspected abuse to a church leader (elders or ministers) immediately. Together with the church leader, make a report with all vital information such as:

Name of the alleged abuser and the abused, date of abuse, whom was notified and when. The leader will then help you notify the proper legal authorities.

b. DO NOT interview the child. DO NOT attempt to investigate the suspected abuse.

c. DO NOT discuss the suspected abuse with those outside the necessary authorities.

d. All information about the abused and the allegations will be kept confidential.

e. The accused will have no further unsupervised contact with children until cleared of allegations.

f. The name of the accused will remain confidential until they have admitted to or have been found guilty of the abuse.

By signing this form, I (please print name)__________________________________________________

acknowledge that I have read and will follow the " 2013 CHILD PROTECTION POLICY- NORFOLK CHURCH OF CHRIST." I understand that failure to follow this policy may bring about consequences that include: Notification of legal authorities, forfeiture of position of service in the congregation, being asked not to worship at the Norfolk church of Christ, the notification of other churches of Christ.

Failure to sign this form precludes the ability to serve in the Norfolk church of Christ.


Name (please sign)__________________________________ Date_________________





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