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We'd like to know what you think about our web site. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors.

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Name: steve martin 
Comments: hi.  im steve Martin from Church of Christ. Creston, Iowa

Name: Vaughn Wiebusch 
E-Mail: vwiebusch@gmail.com 
Comments: Was great to visit last Sunday.  My heart was filled with joy and happiness.

Name: John Telgren 
Comments: Greetings from Kansas.  It was nice to visit worship and visit with you brethren last Sunday.    www.lcofc.org  

Name: Judy Edwards 
E-Mail: judyedwards2@comcast.net 
Comments: Give up a prayer for Marijo, please.  She's sicker today.

Name: Alan Cox 
E-Mail: alancox@wcc.net 
Comments: I'm trying to get a picture Jeff Schipper and a shot of the congregation taken from the upstairs balcony.  I'm putting an album together from our trip there for the 50th Anniversary.  If you can help please let me know.

Alan Cox

Name: Rajahmundry Church of Christ 
E-Mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com 
Comments: Bro. Suman Singh Preacher
Church of Christ
Orphan children’s Home
Door No: 8-18-7
Govt Reg: 454/2007
Khambham Choultry Street
Rajahmundry-533101 E.G.Dt
Andhra Pradesh India
Cell no: 0091-9866186497
E-mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com
E-mail: churchofchristaprjyindia@gmail.com  

School Address

Bro. Suman Singh Preacher
Thomas Public School
Door No: 73-15-16
Near: A.v.Appa Rao Road
Gopala Nagar Pounth Road
Andhra Pradesh India

Church of Christ salutes you Roman (16:16)

Name: Deanna Nielsen 
E-Mail: deediehl@yahoo.com 
Comments: I enjoyed perusing your website, listening to the music, etc.  I was impressed with your child protection policy.  I hope to see you tomorrow.

Name: suku k thomas 
E-Mail: bmission99@yahoo.com 
Comments: Greetings from India!
I am so honored and privilege to know about you and your ministry through your website
really it is so excellent and great. We are praying for your ministry. My name is  Evangelist Suku K. Thomas   President of base mission India  a small ministry in India .since1999 on wards we are serving Lord in India. We have 26 churches with 26 pastors under my leadership one small bible collage  with 10 students
Please pray for our ministry. I have wife her name is Jisha Suku, she also helping me in ministry,  have you ever been to India? If no, please come to India and stay with us some days. I am sure that it will be help us to build our faith in Christ more.
Yours in Christ
Suku K.Thomas

Name: Bro. Danny 
E-Mail: ChristianJsGnzlz2012@gmail.com 
Comments: My Facebook name is Danny Gonzalez

E-Mail: kimburson@rocketmail.com 
Comments: i would like to no more about the church and what the back ground.And i felt welcome when i came to the church i thank Josselyn for invited me to the church.

Name: Scheccid Martinez 
E-Mail: scheccidmartin@live.com 

Name: Scheccid 
Comments: i absoutely love the church of christ i am growing up in it.

Name: keijo 
E-Mail: keijo.leppioja@hotmail.com 
Comments: And life with with many experiences and feel bring many colours vision in us and bring desire that find more of what is behind of the heavenly doors tresueres and joy, so let us seek and ask and we will find and get,thanks to the Lord for the Holy Spirit and blood of Jesus, who can gleans us and save from sin and for evil spirit,thanks and bless and pray and win,keijo sweden

Name: Gregg Hanson 
E-Mail: greggh82@yahoo.com 
Comments: Jesus Loves you and so do I

Name: Rick and Charity Goben 
E-Mail: coke102@sbcglobal.net 
Comments: I found this by accident.  It is a wonderful website.  It was great to look at pictures to see how everyone has changed in just a few years.  Tell everyone we say "Howdy".  Go HUSKERS!!

Name: Nate Hanson 
E-Mail: nhanson@csi-omaha.com 
Comments: Brothers and Sisters;

Beautiful website!!!  Just last evening my daughter Angie and I were visiting about Glen Park and how she misses the people from there.  Angie attended Glen Park while she was a student at NCC in Norfolk before they relocated to the Omaha area.  As a dad, I was so grateful for all that you did to make her feel welcome and give her the opportunity to serve at GPCC while she was at NCC.  It was a wonderful experience for her!  May God continue to bless your work in the Norfolk area and around the world - it is wonderful to be a part of the body of Christ!

Pressing on,

Name: Tim and Christa Dobbs and Family 
E-Mail: celbr8@yahoo.com 
Comments: Hi, accidentally found this site, great blast from the past!  
We live in Midland, Texas, Tim is full-time church ministry, currently serving Panama Missions, he and Tanner and Danielle have gone and worked with people there in the Jungle several times, in July they baptized 99 people!  Awesome work.
I am Community Relations Director for Communications Company, Our kids,
Danielle - 21, graduates from LCU in December; Savannah - 19, working in Omaha; Tanner - 14, in 8th grade, extreme athlete and brainiac; Victoria - 11 cheerleader and full of life and love.  We love you all and miss you!  Thanks for your prayers.

Name: Steve Martin 
Comments: A big Howdy fron Creston,  Iowa   Church of Christ

Name: Alan Cox 
E-Mail: alancox@wcc.net 
Comments: Very nice site.  Especially nice when you've moved away and come back for a visit.  It was nice to see progress going on in many areas.  May God continue to bless the work.  We were there for about eleven years in the seventies and eighties.

Name: Alan Cox 
E-Mail: alancoc@wcc.net 
Comments: Very nice site.  Especially nice when you've moved away and come back for a visit.  It was nice to see progress going on in many areas.  May God continue to bless the work.  We were there for about eleven years in the seventy's and eighties.

Name: Marie Chilcott 
E-Mail: beanstalkerette@yahoo.com 
Comments: Nice website, easy to get around.  I'm glad someone was able to get one up and running.

Name: Jeff Schipper 
Comments: Thanks to Lynn and Vicki for all the time and hard work put in to setting up the web site. Thanks to the Neilson's for donating the computer system for the church office.

Name: Phyllis Hale 
E-Mail: phale@conpoint.com 
Comments: Awesome website!!!!!!!!!!!!

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