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The first people to reside in Norfolk, who were associated with the Church of Christ were Don and Sue Jensen, who moved to Norfolk in 1959, after graduating from York College.  In 1963, Arnold Harp moved his family to Norfolk from Aberdeen, SD.  He had a two-fold purpose in coming to Norfolk.  He wanted to establish a church in the area, and he needed to ure employment.  They were joined by Amos and Alice Beckenhauer of Wayne, and Helen Kearbey and her daughter.  Later that same year, the church sold bonds in the amount of $7,000 to purchase land for a future building site.
Meanwhile, the church continued to meet in the Harp home until it found a suitable meeting place at 406 South Second Street.  Don Jensen and Arnold Harp alternated the preaching responsibilities from 1963 till September 1966.  The church held meetings with guest speakers and also held yearly Vacation Bible School.  In September of 1966, financial support was provided by a congregation in Norman, OK, allowing Arnold Harp to be the full-time evangelist for the Norfolk Church of Christ.
In 1970, Arnold Harp felt he had fulfilled his mission of helping to establish a church where it had never been before, namely, Norfolk, NE.  In October of 1970, Fauss Construction Company was chosen to construct a new building for the church to be located at 1501 North 13th Street.  This congregation was young, but growing in spirit and numbers.
Leroy Davis, 65 years old, young at heart and full of zeal, was willing to come to Norfolk, and start the building project.  Leroy had been preaching at the North Omaha church for ten years and had participated in two prior building programs and willing to start a third.  Leroy and his wife, Leona, moved to Norfolk in January of 1971.  The Davis family provided the down payment and the congregation purchased a home for them at 1501 Bel Air Road.  The bonds were sold, the church building was built, and the congregation continued to grow.  The Davis family left in March of 1974, to continue their work in Romona, OK.
In April, 1974, Ed and Dee Lee and family moved to Norfolk, and Ed assumed the work of evangelist for the church.  The preacher's residence was moved to 1507 Sheridan Drive and the church sold the house on Bel Air Road.  In August of 1979, Ed Lee and family moved to York, NE to work for York College.
Dennis Stackhouse accepted the minister's position in August, 1979.  He and his wife, Elaine, served the church from that date until March, 1984, when they moved to Sturgis, SD, to minister to the church there.  Starting in March of 1984, Paul and Mildred Woods worked and ministered to the Norfolk church.  In April, 1986, Tim Dobbs worked as a personal worker for the church under the leadership of Paul Woods.  When Paul left in May, 1987, Tim and Christa Dobbs continued working and ministering to the NOrfolk church.  The church continued to grow spiritually.  It hosted evangelistic meetings and continued its yearly Vacation Bible Schools.
In February, 1988, Wayne Goben accepted the position of minister and he and his wife, Loretta, worked and ministered to the church in Norfolk, until Wayne asked to be relieved of his duties due to health reasons.  During Wayne's ministry in Norfolk, the church became self-supporting, an eldership was installed and in 1991, a Spanish ministry was started.  Jose and Eva Martinez moved from Mexico to Norfolk, to be closer to several family members.  They continue their work with our Spanish members today.
After the death of Wayne Goben in April, 2000, Jeff Schipper was hired to serve as evangelist for the church.  He and his wife, Debbie, are wo
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