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     Teaching the Perfection of God's Word.

    My only mission in teaching at Crestview and in creating this website is to show people the perfection of God's Word. 
    God is smart enough to write His Word in a way to convey His message to those who want to understand it.  God is powerful enough to keep His written Word as He wants it through the centuries of translating and copying it.  Jesus was confident that not the smallest letter or mark could fail to speak God's complete Word.  Those who call themselves Christians should have the same confidence!   Anyone who says their faith is founded on God's Word, yet contradicts what is written with excuses of "copy errors" or "cultural changes" or "what God really means here is..." is not a follower of Jesus Christ, since He founded everything He did and said on "It is written".   They may say to Him, "Lord, Lord!", but He assures us that He does not know them because they will not accept what God has written.
    There are no contradictions, complications, or confusions in Scripture to anyone who takes their time and puts their mind to what is written, rather than assuming what they think Scripture says.  If you have any question on any subject or about any apparent contradiction in Scripture, please go to the discussion page and let me know!  You might be pleasantly surprised at how easily God's Word answers you!
     Bill Beene

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