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Name: Bro. Suman Singh Preacher 
E-Mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com 
Comments: Rajahmundry Church of Christ
Orphan children’s Home
Door No: 8-18-7
Govt Reg: 454/2007
Khambham Choultry Street
Rajahmundry-533101 E.G.Dt
Andhra Pradesh India
Cell no: 0091-9866186497
E-mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com
E-mail: churchofchristaprjyindia@gmail.com  

Church of Christ salutes you Roman (16:16)

Name: Stephen Edwards 
E-Mail: edwards7579@charter.net 
Comments: Enjoyed looking at the church there today. My father Kenneth Edwards preached there in the late 70's So glad to see the church is strong there. I saw some fimular faces there I remember BrotherShepard he is a fine man. Also saw some peole that i remember. God bless you all.

Name: Mona Weseloh 
E-Mail: snoozigal@gmail.com 
Comments: The Pastor and his wife are AWESOME folks! They met a stranded stranger and took her in, providing a place for her to sleep and food to sustain her. The hospitality  was genuine and the love of Christ radiates from both of them. Your church is blessed to have these fine servants of God and I was very blessed to be the stranded stranger.

Name: Daryl Curd 
Comments: Great site. Lots of good information. I will be coming back to check out more of the links. I hear ya'll have a pretty good preacher at Christiansburg as well.

Name: Mark Martin  
E-Mail: jmmclan@aol.com 
Comments: We are preparing a new web site and I was looking for some ideas.  This looks good.

Name: Hazel Hutchinson 
E-Mail: hazelhutch@aol.com 
Comments: I am a cousin to Bobby Justice.  I was just looking at the web site.  Nice job !

Name: keijo 
E-Mail: keijo.leppioja@hotmail.com 
Comments: And no one  will knows about of next hour feels and exprience and joy too but allthing is in mind in God´s hearts many wisdom and knowledges   visions and truth and he will send his help before  all troubelse will enter in and  help and take inhis of wings safe,hallelujah,glory to him and all thanks and power with worship and praise in Christ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: Jim Kilpatrick 
E-Mail: jkilpatrick@fairfaxwater.org 
Comments: Your web site is very professionally done and very helpful to the Christian and non-Christian alike. I am impressed with the time and effort it takes to put together a web site this well thought out. I hope to be able to visit your congregation soon. My wife, Sheree', and are currently live in Madison, Va. and hope to move to the general Roanoke area when I retire in June of 2010.

Name: Butler Pardue 
E-Mail: bdpandpjp@yahoo.com 
Comments: Very nice website, keep up the good work. I have visited you good people a couple of times. I enjoyed the visits very much. Real good fellowship.I hope to be with you again soon.

Name: Sharon Trusler 
Comments: I was just wanting to thank you for all the great material you send to me every month. I look forward to getting them every month. thanks

Name: Alice Bishop 
E-Mail: jdbasb@i-plus.net 
Comments: Nice!

Name: Myron King 
E-Mail: Myron17553@aol.com 
Comments: Hi, I'm visiting from Northern Ireland and I am a believer in Christ. I'm over helping my son move from Northern Virginia into Christianburg. Your magazine was in his mailbox when he moved in and that's how I got your address. I liked your magazine and I would encourage you to keep sending it. My wife and I are contemplating moving to the U.S.A and are looking around for a church to join.

Name: Bud Hooks 
E-Mail: hawk439@peoplepc.com 
Comments: It is a very good site I like the ideal of looking at my brother and sisters from across the country. I am a friend of one of your members there, I live in Texas and go to a CoC church that has 400 or so members and we do not have this quality of a web but I wish we did, very good job brothers and sisters :)

Name: dave astin 
E-Mail: clubcobbler@aol.com 
Comments: Very nice web site.  Lots of info about the congregation and your work in the area.  One  of the best I have seen.


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